A servant of policies

Are you teaching your employees that your policies govern all interactions with customers, even at the expense of common sense and the customer experience? Do you want your employees to serve your customers or your policies?

15.09.2016 - Michael Huotari

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From Beijing to Helsinki - 23-year-old Dani found home away from home

Thousands of new students are migrating to all cities with universities and there simply is not enough housing for students. Dani opted for the more effortless and less stressful way to get herself an accommodation in Helsinki.

01.09.2016 - Anni Kallonen

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The new aparthotel in Stockholm, soon to be launched!

"We all know that Stockholm is growing, and the development of Flemingsberg Valley into a real city center is still unknown for most people, but we will change that"


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Sweden's most (un)loved tradition, all visitors beware!

Fermented Baltic Sea herring has been a traditional northern Swedish cuisine since at least the 16th century.

29.08.2016 - Forenom

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Live next door to the Danish royal family

Forenom is proud to have seven new apartments in Copenhagen.


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Five tips for an active vacation - and where to stay

Would you like to experience something different on your next vacation? But can’t figure out what it could be?


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Why you should spend your money on experiences, not things

Can one buy happiness? If yes, what should the money be spent on? According to a psychological study experiences make people happier than material possessions.


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5 reasons your property isn't getting bookings

It's summertime and vacation rental websites are getting a lot of traffic. Still not getting bookings for your apartment or cottage? Here are the five most common mistakes.


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Full of possibilities

Possibilities, options, choices. Don't be satisfied with too little. Experience, try, earn the best. Get out of your comfort zone.


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Beat the hotel blues - live like a local

Renting out your home is a great opportunity for you to make some extra money and enjoy your summer a little bit more.


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