Traveling Solo? Do it!

People should try to travel and discover the world at their own pace. Why not start today?


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Stance, grip amd aim - Joonas Granberg's journey to proffesional golf

I interviewed Joonas and tried to understand where he currently stands and what have been the factors behind his success.


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Would you invite a perfect stranger to your home?

Friday Flats is a new online network, where private citizens can rent out their homes or cottages to others in an efficient and simple way.


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Forenom gives the Jokerit team box seats

The Jokerit team and their longtime accommodation partner Kotihotelli (now Forenom) have agreed to partner for the KHL 2016-2017 season. The Jokerit team's foreign players will live in Forenom's apartments for the entire season.


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Affordable accommodation in Helsinki-Vantaa

Stay comfortably, but also affordably so that you can use your money where you really want to

04.05.2016 - Forenom

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Why travel alone?

Solo travel can raise many questions for people that have never experienced it.


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Forenom filling a gap in the Norwegian housing market

Forenom promises to its owners stable income from their apartment without additional fees and takes the responsibility of the contracts and the apartment condition

29.04.2016 - Juha Hämäläinen

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Forenom looking for hundrets of apartments in Copenhagen area

Forenom faces high demand from corporate customers for furnished and unfurnished apartments in Copenhagen.

29.04.2016 - Forenom

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A prison you don't want to escape from

Forenom was given the honor of turning the former mental health prison into a living space.


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Renting out your apartment? Leave it to Forenom

Forenom offers you a full service when it comes to renting out an apartment.


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