Free roaming when traveling with Forenom

From 15th of June 2017 you can now call, SMS, MMS and surf free in the EU and EEA. For Forenom travelers, it is positive news! As you know, we have housing solutions in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

07.07.2017 - Forenom

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Forenom is opening 205 new serviced apartments in Stockholm

When Forenom opens the doors for the new aparthotel in Flemingsberg, 205 fully serviced apartments will be available for rent in Stockholm.


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Forenom's International Trainee Program moved me to Stockholm

I have always thought that going out of your comfort zone, is where development happens - and this is really something Forenom has made possible for me.

12.06.2017 - Janni Andonov

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Best online service for managing corporate travel

There are a million ways to reserve accommodation online. As a buyer of corporate accommodation, which of these online services is best for you?

05.06.2017 - Michael Huotari

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Our business clients are in desperate need of lodging in Malmö – do you own an apartment?

Do you own an apartment in Malmö? We can rent your apartment and start paying rent as soon as we find suitable properties.

22.05.2017 - Forenom

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Forenom turned fishing cabins into homes in Smøla

Forenom Project Accommodation makes the impossible become reality. Where ever you need to go, our Project Team will find a place for you.

12.05.2017 - Forenom

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May Day celebrations in Finland

Celebrate May Day like a local with these tips!


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How important is the content of your website?

How much effort should go into content creation and does it really make a difference?

26.04.2017 - Tadeas Sterba

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7 things you can and cannot do in nature in Finland

You have the everyman's right to enjoy nature. Embrace it and enjoy it.


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3 things you should know about Finns

How would you describe Finns in ONE word? -Snowballs. Finns look hard and cold, but they’re actually fluffy, soft and warm on the inside - and kind of fun to play with!


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