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For a year or a night, accommodation that is just right

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From budget to comfort, with the friendliest support

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We guarantee you an income, while you relax or have fun

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Choose from 3500 apartments, 16 aparthotels and 8 hostels

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Guest references

Your job is already work enough. The last thing you need is extra stress on you or your team caused by traveling and living in a new location, whether short-term or long-term. We work hard to make relocation and accommodation easy. Check out these example cases.

Forenom experiences: Witron

Home-like temporary accommodation ensures a gentle start for a new job

Forenom experiences: World Championships accommodation

Comfortable stay at Forenom Aparthotel during Lahti2017 ski world championships

Forenom experiences: Enoro

With the Forenom Member card you are sure to get a room, even for a longer time

Recent guest reviews

We want you to feel at home wherever you are. Check out how our most recent guests feel about our services.

"This is the place I will come to again when I am in Sweden. Good location, near shops, and next to underground train station. Staff very helpful going the extra mile in picking me up when I could not find the location."

Michael, UK

Michael stayed at Forenom Aparthotel Solna, Finland

"As an entrepreneur I can really appreciate that I can call whenever I want, and Olli always helps. His willingness to serve has kept me as a Forenom customer for years."

Iconsteel, Finland

Iconsteel stayed in our Apartments

"Thank you! We will certainly use Forenom’s services again, and we will recommend them to our friends."

Anna, Russia

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Excellent price-quality ratio

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Forenom Aparthotel Helsinki Pikku Huopalahti opens in January 2019

New aparthotel for the needs of business travellers


Time to look into the crystal ball!

Serviced Apartments industry trends for 2019

Nowadays, people want to live like a local when travelling and would rather stay in an apartment than a hotel room

Done with hotels?

Design a travel policy that helps you manage your business travel costs

4 steps to affordable business travel management