5 must-see speakers of Slush16

Slush 2016 kicks off this week and we decided to take a closer look at the speakers sharing their insight at the event.


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The best part of a lovely digital experience for guests

At work, you don’t always get to do what you love the most. But sometimes you do! I had an opportunity to do what I love the most when Forenom began working with Reaktor to refresh Forenom’s web services.

12.11.2016 - Forenom

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Today we are booking 500 meetings. Shall we call you too?

There are lots of companies that don't know us yet. That's why we call them.


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Going to Sweden? Here's some funny facts about Swedes

Forenom is growing in all the Nordic countries and Sweden is building their second Aparthotel as we speak. Many tourists choose to visit Sweden during the summer and it makes me wonder; what does the world citizen think about us?

25.10.2016 - Forenom

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Forenom rocking it in Amsterdam's business travel summit

At the Business Travel Summit in Amsterdam, Forenom's concept of providing fully furnished Apartments, Hostels, Aparthotels and Relocation services were found to be extremely unique.

14.10.2016 - Forenom

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What would we do without marketing?

At Forenom we have an amazing marketing team that is working tight together with all the different projects. Creativity and ambition is the glue behind all the successful work and we have an exciting year ahead of us.


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My international internship

In Forenom, you might work with many different teams, with very international colleagues.

06.10.2016 - Tomoka Watanabe

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How is corporate culture shown?

In Forenom managers and directors count on the fact that with responsibilities comes freedom. And when you are free to do things your way, the results will be better than if you are told how things should be done.

28.09.2016 - Ville Vesterinen

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Behind the scenes; Customer Service

"I like the fact that I’m in contact with new people every day"


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5 reasons to stay at Forenom

A vacation often starts with finding a destination that you perhaps haven’t been to before or one that you are dying to go back to. But one of the biggest issues traveling is deciding where to stay.

23.09.2016 - Forenom

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