Every link in a chain is equally important

Do you know what other people in your company are doing - and do you appreciate them?

04.04.2017 - Nina Mäkihannu

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Three Things Travelling People Value the Most

Business travel comes down to three cornerstones: comfort, convenience and community.

02.03.2017 - Rachel Näppä

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Improve your company's profitability with one tip

Revenue is made with high-quality sales activities, but profit is made with sensible purchases.

24.02.2017 - Laura Similä

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The importance of fit

It's been said and written countless times: "Take a job that fits you."

07.02.2017 - Michael Huotari

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International trainees at Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2017

"We enjoyed chatting with the visitors, offered them a warm cup of coffee, and talked business in an informal way. "

20.01.2017 - Forenom

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Scheduled for someday

How structured does your workday really need to be? What about your team's? Where does the line run between scheduling out your days, weeks and years in an effort to maximize productivity versus allowing time for creativity and serendipity, to allow the most important items at that moment to float to the top?

12.01.2017 - Michael Huotari

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Relocation expert's insights to Slush16

Every year Slush provides a great opportunity to meet new people, business ideas, interesting technologies, new insights and great services. This year Slush gathered 17 000 visitors from 120 countries.

17.12.2016 - Johanna Larsson

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Lessons from Slush16

"As a company, if we all do the same thing today as we did yesterday, organize our teams as we did last year, and fill existing roles with people who look like us, we are passively contributing to our own failure."


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5 must-see speakers of Slush16

Slush 2016 kicks off this week and we decided to take a closer look at the speakers sharing their insight at the event.


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The best part of a lovely digital experience for guests

At work, you don’t always get to do what you love the most. But sometimes you do! I had an opportunity to do what I love the most when Forenom began working with Reaktor to refresh Forenom’s web services.

12.11.2016 - Forenom

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