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Our purpose is to make your stay easy, so you can feel at home. We combine the ease of hotel services with the comfort and freedom that an apartment provides. We provide solutions for modern travelling that always bring value for your money.

We are Nordic regions leading serviced apartment provider with a strong focus on business customers. We offer over 6500 serviced apartments and aparthotel and hostel rooms in all major Scandinavian cities, accommodating over 100 000 travellers every year.


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Forenom in numbers

400 000+ guests per year
1M nights spent per year
89 % customer satisfaction
7800+ apartments and rooms
123M € revenue in 2019
4000+ corporate customer accounts

Our people

We love constantly shaking up the market, leaving our own footprint and having fun while doing it. We are squad of 450 professionals guided by our customer’s needs. We have 20 years of history behind, but we look beyond the traditional every day. We believe there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to living. That’s why we never stop looking for new ways to serve our guests better – come rain or shine.

Our core values stand for bravery, being 100% open-mind and for the fact, that we got more done together. We believe together is better, and we inspire each other to achieve the best possible.

We are always looking for brave, warm-hearted doers who live for challenges, big opportunities and responsibility. Brave enough to become Forenomian?

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Our Manifesto

Welcome to Forenom

Long journey? Kick back and look around. What do you see?
The kind of place that’s easy in every way.

Where you can cook your favourite meal. Go for a run in the neighbourhood.
Watch an episode (or eight) of that TV show you like.
Stretch your arms in the morning after a good night's sleep. Just like at home.

We look beyond the traditional. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to living.
That’s why we’re always looking for ways to serve you better.

We make your stay easy, so you can feel at home.



Forenom Corporate Responsibility Guidelines 2020

As a forward-looking force in the hospitality industry, our responsibility as a partner is to find the most effective way to serve our customers, while minimizing our negative environmental and social impact. This document covers specific social and environmental issues that contribute to the sustainable development of Forenom Group and are of interest to our customers, stakeholders and communities.
We hope you enjoy reading about how we’re working toward more sustainable business travel.

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Management team

Johannes Kangas

Chief Executive Officer at Forenom Group

Jussi Saarinen

Chief Operations Officer at Forenom Group

Henrik Thomasson

Country Director at Forenom Sweden

Ola A. Bjornstad

Country Director at Forenom Norway

Lars Dissing

Country Director at Forenom Denmark

Henri Turunen

Chief Financial Officer at Forenom Group

Jenni Määttä

Director, Quality at Forenom Group

Veli-Pekka Pulkkinen

Director, Technology at Forenom Group

Matti Packalen

Director, Profitability and Analytics at Forenom Group

Story of Forenom

Story begins

Forenom was established in 2000 when two Finnish entrepreneurs found a huge gap in the housing market. Nothing existed between long-term apartment rentals and short-term hotels. Especially for young temporary employee workforce, this was a problem; hotel option was often too expensive and the rental apartment too permanent. To fill the gap, entrepreneurs Markus Oksa and Mikko Leppänen created Forenom and recruited Johannes Kangas to lead the company. Forenom provided move-in ready serviced apartments for employees working temporarily in another city.

Strong foothold in accommodating project workers in Finland

Forenom CEO Johannes Kangas was in his twenties when Forenom started and indeed he grew up together with Forenom. In 2010 Forenom already had a strong foothold in accommodating project workers in the manufacturing and construction industries in Finland. Forenom has grown to cover Helsinki and then the rest of Finland by opening offices all the way from Northern Finland to the capital city of Helsinki.

Project-based way of working increased companies’ need for extended stays and demand for Forenom service was on the rise. Forenom still focused on providing alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation by offering serviced and hotel apartments but now also for new kind of business customers, e.g.  from consultancy and research-intensive industries.

Ready to fly to the Nordic countries

After years of leading corporate housing in Finland, Forenom set a goal to continue growing rapidly and become the leading accommodation service provider in Northern Europe. Forenom experienced business also in Russia and Estonia, but the final decision was to start growing to cover all Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The private equity investor CapMan made a significant investment in Forenom in 2016, which accelerated Forenom's growth further and supported internalization in Nordic countries. Forenom was ready to fly to the Nordic countries and started to recruit local hotel expertise to lead Forenom in new countries.

Leading serviced apartments in the Nordics

As an outcome of strong organic growth and new office openings Forenom is the leading serviced apartment provider in the Nordics. Forenom operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland with 25 local offices and over 450 employees. With an annual turnover of 82 million euros in 2017, Forenom has gone from a humble beginning to being able to serve you across the Nordic region.

Today, Forenom manages over 6500 serviced apartments and aparthotel and hostel rooms in all major Scandinavian cities, accommodating over 100 000 travellers every year. Forenom operates the fastest growing aparthotel chain in the Nordics, provides a totally new hostel concept for project workers and provides Nordic regions the most extensive offering of serviced apartment.

The scale is larger, but our core is still the same. We believe every traveller deserves to stay easy and comfortable. That is why we provide accommodation options from budget to premium all around the Nordics.

We want to be #1 in the North European serviced apartments business

Forenom has always been ambitious, and still is. We want to be number one in our customer and guest satisfaction. We want to be number one place to work at. And we want to offer the most extensive offering of serviced apartments with outstanding value for money. We want to be #1 in the North European serviced apartments business.