About us

We specialize in temporary accommodation solutions and relocation services for businesses, but we also serve individual travelers. We want our guests to live and sleep easy whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure. Welcome home.

What we have for you

For businesses

For a year or a night, accommodation that is just right

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For guests

From budget to comfort, with the friendliest support

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For owners

We guarantee you an income, while you relax or have fun

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Forenom in numbers

5306 Guests at the moment
1202 Reservations last week
91% Guest satisfaction last week
4560 Apartments and rooms
60M Revenue in 2016
3000+ Corporate customer accounts

Forenom's choir

The offer consisted of an Excel file with apartment addresses, a Nokia cell phone box big enough to hold multiple sets of apartment keys, and a car. In 2001, Johannes Kangas, a cantor by trade, was heavily recruited to see to the growth of Forenom. With those benefits, how could he ever pass up the opportunity? And what more perfect candidate could there be to run an accommodation business than a certified musician?

Oksa & Leppänen (now Barona), as it was known at the time, originally started Majoituspalvelu Forenom Oy because there was a huge gap in the housing market. Nothing existed between long-term apartment rentals and short-term hotels. For Barona’s young temporary employee workforce, this was a problem; one option was too expensive, the other too permanent. To fill the gap, Barona created Forenom. Pay apartment owners a fixed price, and take the risk that Barona and Forenom could fill them up and cover their costs, plus make a little money on the side. Sales skills were never in doubt, you see.

This is where Johannes stepped into the picture. Forenom was beginning to prove successful, but there was “a lack of clarity” about who currently occupied the Forenom apartments. Obviously, help was needed to run and grow the business, and Johannes agreed to move his young family from Oulu to Helsinki to give a hand.

Over the span of 15 years, Forenom has grown to cover Helsinki’s Ring 1 area, then Ring 3, the rest of Finland, and now the Nordic countries. With an annual turnover of 40 million euros in 2015 and 250 employees, and with offices in and around Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, Forenom has gone from a humble beginning to being able to serve you all across the Nordic region. Turns out Johannes is not such a bad conductor after all. Welcome to the Forenom experience!


Board Members

Matti Packalen
Business Controller
Jenni Määttä
Service Director
Iiro Eskelinen
Country Director - Finland
Pekka Hintikka
Director of Operational Development
Jussi Saarinen
Director of International Operations

Life at Forenom

“I began working at Forenom in the spring of 2013. By the end of my first workday, it already felt like I had been a part of Forenom for a long time. New employees are warmly welcome here. I immediately had the feeling that I belonged to this team. There are great people here, and it’s definitely a strength that it’s nice to come to work.”

Maria, Forenom Finland

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"Working in the Forenom Stockholm office is super! The colleagues, atmosphere and location make Forenom the perfect workplace. I like the fact that we are all so close to each other and always help each other in work-related situations, which helps you understand and gain perspective into your colleagues work."

Beatrice, Forenom Sweden

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“It’s been great to see how often people have new ideas and how quickly different areas develop. As the business grows, a lot of good people have joined the company. The world lives and situations change… so also does Forenom, so that we can best serve our guests’ wide range of needs.”

Pasi, Forenom Finland

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