Why you as a customer should select serviced apartment over the hotels in Stockholm

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This week we are going to learn about “Why you as a customer should select serviced apartment over the hotels in Stockholm” from Mathias Grape, Sales Manager at Forenom Sweden. He has the longest FIFA-experience you’ve ever heard about.

Why you as a customer should select serviced apartment over the hotels in Stockholm

There are several reasons as to why a serviced apartment is superior to a hotel, but most people are not aware of the them. Serviced apartment is a rather new concept that the commonalty is underinformed about. Some of the key aspects why a serviced apartment is superior to a traditional hotel is the fact that a serviced apartment is more of a home, with utilities that enable more freedom. A serviced apartment is typically equipped with a fully functional kitchen, has more square meters than a traditional hotel room, and closer resemble the culture and norm of the specific area. A serviced apartment gives insight to what an actual apartment would look like, giving a more comprehensive immersion of the culture and values.

Why our customers choose serviced apartments:

Analyzing our customers and their needs for a serviced apartment you can see that there are three key reasons as to why they choose a serviced apartment:

  • Staying at a foreign country involve a lot of confusion and uncertainty. Most of our customers have never been in Stockholm and are hence unaware of the market. They want us to solve their problem and give them an easy access to an apartment where they can stay.
  • Staying for a longer period means that most people want to be able to cook for themselves, feel like home, and have a safe haven where they can relax. Serviced apartments more accurately resemble the “home feeling” than a traditional hotel room.
  • One of the biggest aspects why people choose serviced apartments, on top of the extra features it includes, is that a serviced apartment is substantially cheaper than a hotel room when staying for a longer period. Both the actual cost of the apartment compared to a hotel room, but also thanks to the possibility of being able to cook for oneself.

Looking at the real estate market in Stockholm it is evident that there is a serious accommodation shortage. There are approximately 100 people moving in to Stockholm every day of the year with far less apartments being built. Consequently, expats coming to Stockholm to live have a slim chance of finding an accommodation on their own. This is why our services are appreciated, because it solves their problem of finding an apartment in one of the toughest real estate markets in Europe, and is far more affordable than the alternative, a hotel.

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Mathias Grape
Sales Manager at Forenom Sweden

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