May Day celebrations in Finland

Celebrate May Day like a local with these tips!

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Mayday, mayday! It’s May Day in Finland and you probably have no idea what you’re about to get yourself into. But don’t worry: Forenom’s Relocation Experts are here to guide you.


Every year on April 30th and May 1st, Finland goes wild as people celebrate May Day. Through history, May Day has developed from being a celebration for the arrival of spring in the ancient past, to being the International Workers’ Day welcomed by the labor force, and to being the biggest season of celebrations for students. Through all this, Finnish May Day has evolved into a national carnival stretching all over the country.


Whatever you wish to celebrate, May Day is the time to pop that bottle of champagne and enjoy a jolly day together with your near and dear ones. Often the winter snow is just barely gone, but that doesn’t stop Finns from setting up their picnics and spoiling themselves with sparkling wine and sweet munkki’s.


Now you’re probably wondering how to nail it in Finland – wander no more! Please help yourself to the May Day etiquette!


vappu sparkling wine champagne kuohuviini kuohari skumppa


Finnish ‘Vappu’ etiquette


The dress code


vappu ylioppilaslakki graduation cap

The graduation cap

Pros: An annual occasion when it’s cool to wear an old white cap.

 vappu haalari opiskelijahaalari overalls

Student overalls

Pros: Protection from the weather. No primary need for a picnic blanket.

 vappu huivi kaulaliina scarf

Weather proof clothing

It can mean anything from T-shirts and sunglasses to Gore-Tex jackets and woolen gloves.


Party equipment


vappu serpentine confetti


Pros: Instant festive makeover to any outfit.

vappu hat party lakki cap

Funny hats

Don’t have a Finnish graduation cap? Why not be a cowboy instead!

vappu noisemaker whistle pilli


Pros: A little noise adds the finishing touch to your party accessories.

vappu balloon ilmapallo


Pros: Everything. They’re balloons.




vappu sparkling wine champagne kuohari kuohuviini

Sparkling wine

Lots of it. The more the better.

vappu champagne glass lasi kuohuviinilasi

Durable plastic wine glass

Invest 1,99 € into a durable and unbreakable wine glass. Get it from Clas Ohlson.

vappu munkki donut


Fetch some delicious munkki’s from the bakery or prepare them yourself with an easy recipe.

vappu sima


Try this even easier recipe at home! But remember to start making the sugary drink well before May Day.

vappu picnic blanket viltti

Picnic blanket

Place your food and friends here, and voilá! You’re ready to celebrate!


How to nail it during other upcoming celebrations?


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vappu balloons ilmapallo vappupallo