Hotel cooking hacks

How to cook a complete meal in a little different environment?

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Tired of eating the same stuff every time when traveling and spending nights in a hotel?

Hotel breakfasts usually offer very little variation, but cooking in an unfamiliar environment can turn out to be quite a challenge.

However, the truth is that preparing a full meal with minimal equipment and facilities does not require magic tricks. Knowing the struggles concerning cooking in a hotel room, we wanted to really see what can and can’t be done.

So, we decided to throw a massive challenge (which they prove to be a complete no-brainer) for a top-notch cooking trio called 12kk. The challenge itself was in all simplicity the following:

“Can you cook an easy and tasty meal with minimal equipment? You’ve got some utensils, knife, chopping board, microwave oven, electric kettle and an espresso machine to do your tricks.”

The experiment took place in our Aparthotel in Eerikinkatu, Helsinki. The outcome is simply put awesome.

So, lets break this set down piece by piece:

Shrimp filled eggs:

3 eggs

Boil the eggs hard in the kettle. Cool them under cold water. Peel and cut in half, remove the yolk.

200 g of shrimps

1 red onion

1 dl mayonese

dill, black pepper, salt

Squeeze the extra juices from the shrimps, add to the mix finely chopped dill and red onion, add mayonese. Add flavor with salt and black pepper id needed.

Fill the egg halves with shrimp filling. Decorate with dill.


Salmon ”Cheviche”:

3 Avocados

Cut the avocados in half and remove the stones. Dig the halves into the shapes of the sliced eggs in the previous recipe. Rest of the pulp can be used to make a avocado paste with fork.

2 spoonfulls of creme fraiche

Avocado paste

150 g gravlax cut in to small pieces

1 lime

Coriander, salt and black pepper

Squeeze the juice of lime in to the avocado paste, add flavor with salt, black pepper and shredder coriander. Add the finely cut gravlax. Mix. Fill the avocado halves with salmon ”cheviche”.

Scrambled eggs:

3 eggs

1 dl cream

(1 spoonful of creme fraiche)

Salt and black pepper

Beat up the egg structure with a fork. Add cream, salt and pepper according to your taste. Cook in a microwave oven with full power for 45 seconds at a time and mix the eggs with a fork in between. Continue until the scrambled eggs are done (in about 3 minutes). You may want to add a spoonful of creme fraiche on top of the scrambled eggs once the eggs are cooked.

Forenom’s Tiramisu:

200 g of Mascarpone cheese

1 dl cream

Powdered sugar according to taste.

Put Mascarpone and cream in to a bowl. mix smooth. Add powdered sugar.

Sponge cake / cake base

a little of black coffee

1 box of rasberries

Pile the portions into red wine glasses. Put first the sponge cake and moist it with coffee. Add mascarpone and rasberries. Repeat to do another layer. Finally, decorate with rasberries.


As we can see, preparing an easy, good and nourishing meal is possible even with seemingly big handicaps. Often you need only some knowledge about ingredients, most crucial cooking equipment and a curious mind. For example, hotel breakfast classics – omelets and bacon – can be easily prepared in a microwave oven (


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