For property owners

Property owner services

Long-term rentals


Worry-free, guaranteed rental income


You are guaranteed a fixed rental income; we carry the operational risk. We take care of furnishings, hosting, cleaning, maintenance and reporting on your behalf


Simply get in touch with our rental team, and they’ll get you started

For who?

Owners of unoccupied apartments and houses

For how long?

For longer periods of time, generally 1 ½ years or more


If you own an apartment or house in Finland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark, get in touch with us!

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Large property rentals


Worry-free, long-term, guaranteed property yield


You are guaranteed a fixed rental income while we carry the operational risk


Simply get in touch with our rental team, and they’ll get you started

For who?

For owners of large properties which could be converted into hotels or hostels

For how long?

We will commit to a minimum 5-year contract, and we can definitely go longer as well


Nice locations in cities across the Nordic region

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Are you a property owner?

Get in touch and we’ll get back to you with an offer in less than 48 hours

Property owner services contacts


Rental Coordinator - Espoo
Riikka Korhonen


Rental Coordinator - Helsinki
Jani Still
+358 50 4667707


Regional Manager of Jyväskylä
Henri Hämäläinen
+358 50 3545 850


Regional Manager of Lappeenranta and Kouvola
Ville Vesterinen
+358 50 464 7393


Regional Manager of Kuopio
Mikko Kauhanen
+358 46 923 5018


Regional Coordinator - Lahti
Joni Isomäki
+358 50 381 7223


Regional Supervisor - Lappeenranta
Jarkko Ahoraita
+358 50 347 9610


Regional Coordinator - Oulu
Tani Heikkinen
+358 40 733 5170


Regional Manager of Pori
Jari Vuorinen
+358 40 711 8433


Regional Manager of Tampere and Vaasa
Tommi Piskanen
+358 40 4508409


Regional Supervisor - Turku
Juha Koivula
+358 44 551 2822


Rental Manager - Sweden
Nandini Almqvist
+46 (0)76 555 53 27


Area Manager - Bergen
Morten Wergeland


Regional Manager - Norway
Jenya Endresen


Regional Coordinator - Denmark
Marc Hansen
+45 6019 8870

Rental managers

Jaakko Ihalainen
Rental Manager for Finland Region
Nandini Almqvist
Rental Manager - Sweden
Jenya Endresen
Regional Manager - Norway
Marc Hansen
Regional Coordinator - Denmark

Forenom for property owners

Thanks to our fast, effective and full-service sales and marketing organization, plus the Friday Flats platform, you can quickly start enjoying rental income. By renting your property to us, you will join a fast-growing tribe of 5 000 property owners who rely on Forenom’s services.

When you decide to list your property with Forenom or through the Friday Flats Premium Service, we will market it as a Forenom property to guests who are looking for a temporary home. All marketing tasks are included in our services and cost you nothing extra. Depending on the typical guest profile for your property, we actively market your property through our own channels and through local and international housing and accommodation portals and travel booking platforms.

For example, we have our own online shop where your property can be made available around the clock to accept reservations. We can also list your property on well-known accommodation booking platforms such as,, Tripadvisor and Airbnb.

You also have access to our active and effective sales team, which will help to fill up your property with guests who are looking for flexible accommodation options. As we have approximately 6 000 corporate accounts with employees staying in our properties, we are usually able to find the best guest for your property from among our existing customers.

Although we already have a super sales force at our disposal, we still continuously develop our operations so that our property owner partners will have access to the most suitable and profitable services.



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Guaranteed profit for you

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Professional management services

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Turn an empty apartment into cash

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