What is bleasure?

business + pleasure

Bleasure on Instagram
Bleasure on Instagram

It is the hottest trend in the travel industry in 2017. It’s transforming the industry and forcing businesses to rethink their concepts of best serving their customers. It is what the customers want, not what they’re expected to settle for. Bleasure is a way of life.


Bleasure is a combination of business and pleasure.


Gone are the days when the standard for business travel was enterprises sending their employees to institution-like conference hotels on a tightly controlled schedule, isolated from the society, roaming the corridors between auditoriums and lunch buffets like cattle.
In 2017 the standard has been set to another level.


People want experiences. People want community. Comfort. People want to live a holistic, good life – no matter where they are. There is a limit to the amount of their valuable time employees are willing to sacrifice. And if a business trip eats that time up, people want freedom in exchange for that sacrifice.


Working is a lifestyle


This is all part of a larger megatrend in the working environment. Across the line the border between work and leisure is getting more and more blurred. Entrepreneurial mindset is a virtue which both gives freedom to the employee, but also requires availability in a way unseen in the previous decades of the working environment.


When working becomes a lifestyle with no pre-set office hours or a mandatory place to conduct the work at, the art of balancing business and pleasure becomes crucial. It becomes natural – and desirable – to integrate the two. For years the integration has been taking over the working environment, resulting in new innovations and customs for managing, conducting and evaluating work – and essentially rewriting our whole work culture. Now the trend is taking over the travel industry.


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Why does business have to be all work no play?


So the company buys you tickets to a new place, why not enjoy it? As an employee, a company financed trip is a perfect way to explore new places you might have not visited otherwise. But why would the concept of bleasure be valuable for employers?


Employees become more invested when they are given more liberties. They are more creative after spending time in a new scene. They are more productive when feeling refreshed and cared for. Engaged, proactive and happy employees are an incredibly valuable asset the company. That is why employers want to keep them – and keep them satisfied.


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