7 things you can and cannot do in nature in Finland

You have the everyman’s right to enjoy nature. Embrace it and enjoy it.

Nature is a very strong element of the Finnish life. Finns highly respect their environment, and they spend a lot of time in the forest. Starting at kindergarten, children start going for walks in the forest to get familiar with the different animals and plants. At the same time they are being taught to respect nature and animal life. While in the forest Finns do not litter and they stay quiet, because nature is where they can escape the sounds and stress of the city.


One popular activity is to pick berries and mushrooms in the forest



Everyman’s right


Embrace nature. Enjoy it and respect it. You have the “everyman’s right” to wander freely in nature without needing permission from the land owner – as long as nature and the property are left undamaged.



• pick berries, mushrooms and un-protected plants
• hike, ski, swim or horseback ride
• camp temporarily



• damage the flora
• disturb animal life
• litter
• make an open fire



Go out!


There are several parks across the country. In Helsinki area you can wander in the following:

Alppipuisto – between Linnanmäki amusement park and the train tracks
Arabianranta – known for its artistic environment
Esplanade – in the heart of Helsinki, hosts several events throughout the year
Flower Of Life Artpark – contains animal sculptures and is suitable for all ages
Gardenia – situated in Viikki containing a luxuriant tropical garden covered by glass
Winter Garden – with a glass house that is an oasis of exotic plants
University of Helsinki Botanical Garden – located in Kaisaniemi, one of Helsinki’s most popular visitor attractions
Kumpula Botanic Garden – located at Kumpula Mansion
Kaisaniemi Park – right next to the Central Railway Station
Kaivopuisto – Helsinki’s oldest and best known park, located on the shore and surrounded by embassies
Sibelius Park – home of the Sibelius Monument in honor of Finland’s greatest composer Jean Sibelius
Sinebrychoff Park – is a geometric park with an observation tower
Töölönlahti Bay – in the heart of Helsinki with a popular walking path circling the bay
Nuuksio National Park – In Espoo, Nuuksio National Park is a beautiful place for day trips, or weekends camping by the lake.


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