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If there’s one thing that gets attention at Forenom, it’s our culture. Even outsiders notice it when they step into the building. Something just feels different. The people, the atmosphere, the autonomy and drive to move forward. Respect shown on an individual level means communication lines remain open and we get things done together.

We’re not saying life is perfect here at Forenom; we completely recognize that there are areas ripe for improvement. But that’s the thing. When a Forenom team member sees something that can be improved, you can bet they’re going to do something about it, especially if it makes guests’ lives easier. It’s just the way it goes.

On top of its culture, Forenom is known for its strong growth. Not just growth as a business, but growth in employees as well. But speaking of growth as a business, Forenom is rapidly expanding internationally, which has opened up many international career opportunities. With this rapid growth and expansion, it’s no wonder the employees have grown as well.

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Life at Forenom

“I began working at Forenom in the spring of 2013. By the end of my first workday, it already felt like I had been a part of Forenom for a long time. New employees are warmly welcome here. I immediately had the feeling that I belonged to this team. There are great people here, and it’s definitely a strength that it’s nice to come to work.”

Maria, Forenom Finland

"Working in the Forenom Stockholm office is super! The colleagues, atmosphere and location make Forenom the perfect workplace. I like the fact that we are all so close to each other and always help each other in work-related situations, which helps you understand and gain perspective into your colleagues work."

Beatrice, Forenom Sweden

“It’s been great to see how often people have new ideas and how quickly different areas develop. As the business grows, a lot of good people have joined the company. The world lives and situations change… so also does Forenom, so that we can best serve our guests’ wide range of needs.”

Pasi, Forenom Finland