New Forenom service levels to make your stay easier

All Forenom apartments and rooms will have a new service level by the end of the summer.

Our purpose is to make your stay easy, so you can feel at home. We combine the ease of hotel services with the comfort and freedom of an apartment. However, you can choose exactly how much service and comfort you want. We make sure you only pay for what you need.

To make it easier for you to select the right accommodation for you, we’ve now started rolling in our new service levels. All apartments and aparthotel and hostel rooms in our webshop will have a new service level by the end of the summer. Just choose the right service level for your need and let us take care of the rest.

Forenom service levels

By the end of this summer, Forenom will have three service levels: budget, smart and premium. The levels differ from each other in terms of the condition of the apartment/room as well as services included. In every level, linen and towels are included in the room rate and you always have the possibility to select any extra services you want, e.g. more frequent cleanings, for a small extra fee.

We’ll be talking more about the service levels later, but here’s the new concept in a nutshell.

Budget €

‘’I need accommodation that is functional but do not want to pay for anything extra.’’

Forenom Budget apartments and rooms are designed for those who appreciate good value for money and simple accommodation. These facilities are in basic condition and furnished modestly. WiFi and final cleaning are included in the price of all budget level aparthotels and hostels, and available for an extra fee in apartments. Making the bed is not included in most facilities.

Forenom service levels

Smart €€

‘’I need accommodation that is convenient and appreciate the availability of extra services.”

Forenom Smart offers convenient and functional living in a well-equipped home-like accommodation. These apartments and rooms are in good condition and furnished thoughtfully. Unlimited Wi-Fi is also included in the price.

Forenom service levels

Premium €€€

‘’I expect a high level of comfort and style in a central location and appreciate the option to pay for curated services.’’

Forenom Premium combines the full comfort of home living with premium service. Forenom Premium apartments and rooms are new and designed uniquely with attention to detail. Their fully equipped kitchens are modern and functional, making sure you feel right at home. The price includes also unlimited Wi-Fi, and cleanings every two weeks and at the end of your stay.

Forenom service levels

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