6 things you need to know when booking accommodation for IT project workers

Follow these steps in order to successfully accommodate your foreign IT project workers.

In the global tech world, the need to recruit IT experts from abroad to work for a project is becoming more and more common. IT workers are in such high demand that companies must come up with new, fast and cost-efficient ways to attract talent – and high-quality ways to ensure the workers can focus on their work instead of worrying about accommodation or other trivial things.

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Ticked at least one of the boxes? Then read on to find out how to improve your IT projects!

Forenom’s experts have worked with accommodating IT project workers for 17 years, so we know what to expect in IT projects and what kind of accommodation needs your workers will have – and most importantly, we know how to answer those needs. Follow these 6 tips in order to successfully accommodate your foreign IT project workers. 


1. Only pay for what you need

We know that IT workers usually work very intensely in the projects and put in long hours. They might leave early in the morning and return late in the evening. So, when you’re accommodating them, acknowledge that there’s a good chance they’ll never be able to take advantage of traditional hotel services, such as breakfast, laundry service or a gym. And do you think they will need daily room cleaning or want their sheets and towels replaced with new ones every single day? So why pay extra for something they don’t need? Choose a partner who will allow you to select exactly the services you want. Maybe get the apartment cleaned on a bi-weekly basis, and bed linens and towels changed once a week. You choose.

2. Beware of seasonal price changes

As you know, all accommodation providers have their peak seasons and their low seasons. So what if you suddenly need to accommodate IT project workers in the middle of a peak season? That’s going to cost you! But what if you had a partner who guaranteed fixed prices to you – no matter the season? It is difficult to find accommodation providers who agree to this type of deal but don’t accept accommodation contracts which allow them to raise prices during high season. This way you gain the most control over your accommodation costs.

3. Be open about your needs and negotiate

It’s important to give your accommodation provider as much information on the project as you can. Being open about your needs helps them to find the perfect option for you and you don’t end up having to pay for any surprise costs along the way. Choose a partner who allows you to negotiate on the price depending on the length of stay, to choose between various price ranges, and to include exactly the services your employees need. In order to get a binding agreement for accommodation, you will at least need to know how long your project will last, the number of employees staying, and the required location for accommodation. If you have employees with different positions and requirements, you may want to work with a provider which offers various quality categories. This way you can choose to save on junior employees’ accommodation and still meet the potentially high demands of the senior employees.

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4. Choose a flexible option

Choose an accommodation partner which can arrange an apartment for the exact time frame necessary, even if it means starting in the middle of a month. Again, only pay for what you need. Cancellations should also be flexible. We know that IT projects rarely go 100% as planned, so sometimes you’ll want to extend or shorten your stays. Or maybe you started out with 20 employees but suddenly only 10 of them are needed in the project. For surprising events like this, make sure you have a flexible agreement, which allows you to cancel nights when needed. There are some corporate agreements which allow for full flexibility.

5. Address your IT workers’ needs

We know that most IT workers coming with a business visa seek accommodation similar to a hotel, with periodic cleaning, central location and easy check-in/check-out, and most of them want the possibility to prepare their own meals. Serviced apartments and aparthotels are perfect for just that: they offer hotel-like amenities, but with added space and comfort and equipped with their own kitchen facilities.

When it’s time for them to leave, make sure your workers are provided with easy check-out. A keycode access allows them to come and go as they please, so checking out is as easy as closing the door and stepping outside. Also check if a late check-out is possible, but if not, then make sure there’s a luggage room where they can leave their belongings if needed.

6. Make sure your workers are taken good care of

Last but definitely not least, make sure your workers’ stay goes smoothly from start to finish. Around 90% of IT project workers arrive during weekends. That’s why they need to be attended right there and then – not on Monday. Many IT workers come from far-away countries (~95% from India) and we know how baffled they sometimes are to arrive in the cold and dark Nordics. That’s why you should make sure that someone is there to attend them upon arrival. Your accommodation partner can ensure your employees arrive in their accommodation safely and comfortably, give them instructions about their new home and neighborhood and answer any questions your workers might have. After that, you want the accommodation provider to continue to be there for them, with 24/7 customer service.


Be sure you address all of the above points and you’ll make accommodating IT workers easy, affordable and efficient for you and comfortable for your valuable IT experts. Our Forenom accommodation experts are more than happy to answer any other questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us!


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