4 steps to affordable business travel management

Design a travel policy that helps you manage your business travel costs

For many organizations, business travel is an everyday activity. Depending on the employee’s role, they might have to travel to meet a client, to work on a project or for an internal meeting. These business trips might take them to another city or country.

With many employees traveling for work, it pays to design a corporate travel policy for the organization. It ensures travel cost prediction and management as well as the satisfaction of employees. By centralizing, or in other words using one single partner for a specific activity, you can make sure you’re getting the best price, service quality and contract terms. See our accommodation expert’s top 4 tips on cost-efficient and smooth corporate travel!

1. Book directly with the service provider

When searching for accommodation for your business travel, or for any other travel for that matter, you probably start by comparing what different accommodation providers have to offer. Global travel search sites offer a nice and easy way to compare hotel rates, but they’re no longer the cheapest channel to book accommodation.

Most buyers already know that the best accommodation offer can’t necessarily be found through price comparison portals.  Accommodation service providers make an effort to provide the best rates and benefits for those customers who book directly with them”, explains Krista Vihermaa, Business Development Manager at Forenom.

Often you get the best price and service by inquiring directly from the accommodation service provider. This is also true at Forenom, as we guarantee the best rate for our apartments and rooms when you book directly through our webshop.

2. Select one accommodation partner

Especially for business travel, it’s worth selecting one accommodation partner, who understands your business and your needs. This way accommodation and booking is easy and flexible, and you get a fixed, affordable price for all accommodation booked by your company. 

’’It’s not just about cost savings anymore, but about how to save on the right things. When you have an accommodation partner, they are able to recommend and negotiate on options, so you don’t end up paying for something you don’t need’, says Vihermaa.

 3. Select a flexible accommodation provider

Usually the most expensive accommodations are those booked at the last minute. It’s a good idea to guide your employees to plan their business travel well ahead of time. However, business trips often happen at a very short notice. In these situations, it’s also easier if you have a flexible accommodation partner with whom you’ve agreed on fixed pricing. One of our core values is making booking easy and flexible for our customers, and we’re usually able to fix accommodation even on a short notice.

4. Check the services included

The daily rate alone doesn’t tell the whole truth about the cost-efficiency of a contract. The services included in the rate can make the difference between an affordable and the most affordable option. Don’t pay for something your employees don’t need. Does the apartment need to be cleaned every day or would a weekly cleaning do it? On the other hand, a home-like accommodation with a full-size fridge and the possibility to relax with a home-made dinner watching TV in the evening, can improve the experience significantly for the business traveler.

’’Employees might be unaware that there are accommodation options which allow cooking. Frequent travelers appreciate not having to eat at the hotel restaurant and their menu for the 100th time, but instead having the possibility to cook for themselves whatever they feel like eating. This way the employee also doesn’t have to spend their money and time into dining out every day’’, Vihermaa says.

IT project worker Forenom

These are just some examples of how you can save on your company’s travel costs. As corporate accommodation experts, we understand that all businesses have their unique needs, ways of working and travel policies.

For this reason, we here at Forenom always make sure you get an accommodation contract which best fits your employees’ needs, without forgetting the possible limitations of your travel policy.


Interested in tips on specifically your industry’s business travel? Write down your contact information below and our accommodation expert will be in touch with you soon! Remember that you can always book short stays directly through our webshop



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