Guest author: Forenom Aparthotel is a smart choice for a family on vacation

Experiences of Forenom Aparthotel Vantaa Tikkurila

I got a chance to test and experience Forenom’s new aparthotel in Tikkurila with my children, who are 3 and 5 years old. In Finland, Forenom has eight aparthotels and they also have them in Norway and Sweden. The aparthotels are always conveniently located and are great for both business and leisure travel.

Forenom Aparthotel Vantaa Tikkurila is located in Väritehtaankatu 8, which is right next to Tikkurila train station.

The aparthotel has space for the whole family

I feel that aparthotels are the easiest, most convenient, and often also the most affordable option when travelling with kids. Traditional hotels rarely even have rooms big enough for four people, and booking two separate rooms is not only expensive, but also inconvenient.

Separate bedrooms make the evenings easier, when the kids have gone to bed, but the parents still want to read a book, have an evening snack or simply chat. Also, the in-room-kitchen is a clear money-saver, especially in countries with high price levels, as you don’t need to eat out on every meal. And on vacation you sometimes want to enjoy a slow morning and not rush out bright and early to go and find something to eat for the hungry offspring. We usually eat a small breakfast at the apartment and then have a bigger lunch in a restaurant.

Booking a Forenom Aparthotel is easy through their website. When making the booking, you can also buy an early check-in or a late check-out. A cancellation and change insurance can also be bought if you fear your plans might change.  

In the aparthotel, there is no key but instead a key code that you enter the apartment with. You receive the code on the day of arrival via SMS and email, allowing you to check-in whenever you like. The key code is easy to share with the group, so everyone can come and go as they please without hassling with key pick-ups and drop-offs.

Experiences of Forenom Aparthotel Tikkurila

On the arrival day, I got an SMS with information about the key code, address, room number and WiFi password. We arrived in Tikkurila from Helsinki by train, which takes just about 15 minutes. The location is really convenient for also those arriving from or going to the airport, as the P-train takes you to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in just 9 minutes.

I was under the impression that the Forenom Aparthotel was situated somewhere near the Tikkurila station. I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually at the Tikkurila train station, allowing the guests to get to their rooms from inside the station with an elevator. So you never even have to go outside to get from your room to the stores, restaurants and services of the Dixi shopping center and the station. The selection of services is extensive, so there’s something for everyone. It was easy to go and grab a quick evening snack with the kids without the hassle of putting on their outerwear.

There were good guideposts to the Forenom Aparthotel at the Tikkurila station.


Using the code I had received, we took the elevator to the right floor and easily got to our room. Everything worked as smoothly as it was supposed to.

Our apartment (two-bedroom for 4) proved to be a truly spacious wonder. Not too many square meters but the room design was so smart. Everything was incredibly new, clean and neat, too. The kids quickly carried out a room inspection and gave their approval. They also crawled under the beds and reported no dust or dirt there either. I myself didn’t do such a precise inspection.

In the combined living room and kitchen, there’s everything you need in one compact package. In think the sofa, TV and dining table are situated in a very smart and space-saving manner.


The apartment had two small bedrooms, each of them with two beds.


The kids and I enjoyed a very nice and relaxing evening, we had an evening snack and showered. Then we just took it easy and the kids also got to watch cartoons on the tablet, which was provided in the room.

The night went well, as the beds were comfy and it was possible to darken the apartment properly. In the morning my only question was what the check-out time was again. I always struggle to remember whether the check-out is at 10, 11 or 12 AM.  Later Forenom informed me that they have actually renewed their booking confirmation messages, which now automatically include also the check-out time. Excellent!

The aparthotel’s lobby was very cozy and peaceful, so you can also hang out there if you’d like.


All in all, the Forenom Aparthotel was a positive experience. Next time we’re travelling in Sweden, Norway or Denmark, our number one choice will be a Forenom Aparthotel, a Forenom Hostel or a Forenom Serviced Apartment. What makes Forenom’s services so competitive, is easiness, good locations, home-like accommodation and affordable price.

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The writer Anna Holopainen is a 34-year-old mother of two from Espoo, Finland.
Anna writes a travel blog, sharing best tips and tricks on travelling with children around the world and child-friendly travel destinations. Read her blog! 

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