Interior design at Forenom Aparthotel Oslo

Our Aparthotel in Oslo is filled with Nordic interior design. The designers reveal how the rooms were designed!

Our new flagship aparthotel in the heart of Oslo, Forenom Aparthotel Oslo, is filled with Nordic interior design. Now, the architects and designers reveal how the rooms were designed and what you can expect when staying in these high-quality design rooms.

Forenom Aparthotel Oslo is situated in the center of Oslo, near the main railway station, at Lakkegata 3. Its surrounding area, Grønland, is an up-and-coming, lively neighborhood. We transformed a red-brick office building from the 80’s into a top-of-the-line aparthotel. It offers accommodation in 6 floors and altogether 163 rooms, ranging from Smart to Premium level accommodation. Each room in the two highest floors has a balcony, providing amazing views to the Oslo city center and the hills beyond.

We wanted to make this hotel high-class, equipped with everything a business or leisure traveler needs, whether they’re staying for one day or one year. Our goal was to create a unique experience for our guests. That’s why we cooperated with the skilled architects and designers at the Helsinki-based design house Studio Puisto. They created a wonderful ambiance to the rooms, ranging from cool Nordic interiors to more intensive, vibrant colors and more tactile materials.


”When we designed the building and the interiors of Forenom Aparthotel Oslo, we started with the customer. What would a guest want of a hotel room to stay comfortably for several days in a row? So we didn’t start with the typical hotel room, but tried to think out of the box”, says Studio Puisto architect Willem van Bolderen.

The kitchen is a good example of how we kept the customer in mind in the design. At Forenom, cooking facilities are always one of the must-haves when it comes to room design. To keep things compact, the kitchen at Aparthotel Oslo was designed as a furniture piece. Willem van Bolderen explains:


”It’s the central element in many of the rooms and allows the guest to move around the kitchen island. Rather than adding a dining table to the studios, the table can be retracted from the kitchen island. Compact, elegant and effective!”

Being a Nordic company with operations in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, we wanted to make Aparthotel Oslo’s interior design full of Scandinavian design pieces. Below are some examples of the products and brands used in the property.




Northern’s lighting products are created in collaboration with designers around the world. Established in Oslo in 2005, their designs are guided by Scandinavian simplicity and the ever-changing character of the Nordic light.


Northern – Circle lamp
Northern – Circle lamp


Northern - Me Floor Lamp
Northern – Me Floor Lamp (Photo credit: Calle Huth)



Made by choice

Committed to producing durable, bold and innovative furniture designs, Made by Choice combine contemporary woodworking methods and modern technology. Their products are developed and manufactured in Salo, Finland.


Made by choice pants stool
The Made by choice pants stool and bar stool are developed in close collaboration with skilled craftsmen to meet the needs of any public space.




This Helsinki-based design office has a simple philosophy in design: creating a strong atmosphere and vision. Aesthetics can outweigh functionalism if something simply feels good. Materials, with layers of history and visual cultures, are bold but long-lasting, and classic yet lively.

Poiat Lavitta Lounge chair
Poiat’s Lavitta Lounge chair has a laid-back character, which invites everyone to sit comfortably. The award-winning and internationally-recognised Lavitta collection of tables and chairs is being sold in more than 10 countries.




Finnish aesthetics is the foundation of ARKTIS. Their products are constructed mainly with wooden components made of solid wood, form pressed plywood and bentwood. Their features give various forms to the products while keeping the characteristics of Finnish design, simplicity and functionality.

Kombu chair
The strong structure of the Kombu chair guarantees its durability and gives it a confident appearance.
Kombu Bar Chair
The Kombu Bar Chair follows the nice details and the pleasant feel of ergonomics which Kombu series is renowned for.




The Danish Muuto’s mission is to bring new perspectives to Nordic design. They combine clear aesthetics, functionality and honoring the tradition of craftsmanship with new techniques and an experimental attitude.


Muuto's Visu chair
Muuto’s Visu chair combines ergonomic and functional expressions with a quiet silhouette. It’s designed by Mika Tolvanen.


Dots hooks
The Dots are versatile wooden hooks in a functional, vibrant design. They are designed by Lars Tornøe, who has won several awards such as Designer of the Year in Norway and the Award for Design Excellence. His work has been shown at many international exhibitions and The Dots is part of the permanent collection at the Danish Design Center.




Høie of Scandinavia is a Norwegian company that has operated for more than 160 years. The company’s products are characterized by excellent quality and Nordic elegance, and they are known for their environmental friendliness. All Høie products carry the OEKO-TEX label and are ideally suited to people who suffer from allergies.

Høie woolen throw
In Forenom Aparthotel Oslo, we use Høie’s high-quality woolen throws in various natural colors that are inspired by nature. The material is 100% Woolmark wool.


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