Our business clients are in desperate need of lodging in Malmö – do you own an apartment?

Do you own an apartment in Malmö? We can rent your apartment and start paying rent as soon as we find suitable properties.

22.05.2017 - Forenom

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Forenom turned fishing cabins into homes in Smøla

Forenom Project Accommodation makes the impossible become reality. Where ever you need to go, our Project Team will find a place for you.

12.05.2017 - Forenom

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May Day celebrations in Finland

Celebrate May Day like a local with these tips!


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How important is the content of your website?

How much effort should go into content creation and does it really make a difference?

26.04.2017 - Tadeas Sterba

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7 things you can and cannot do in nature in Finland

You have the everyman's right to enjoy nature. Embrace it and enjoy it.


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3 things you should know about Finns

How would you describe Finns in ONE word? -Snowballs. Finns look hard and cold, but they’re actually fluffy, soft and warm on the inside - and kind of fun to play with!


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Every link in a chain is equally important

Do you know what other people in your company are doing - and do you appreciate them?

04.04.2017 - Nina Mäkihannu

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Three Things Travelling People Value the Most

Business travel comes down to three cornerstones: comfort, convenience and community.

02.03.2017 - Rachel Näppä

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Improve your company's profitability with one tip

Revenue is made with high-quality sales activities, but profit is made with sensible purchases.

24.02.2017 - Laura Similä

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