An apartment owner’s view: Why give an apartment to Forenom for rent?

Housing investor’s experience on Forenom

Irene and Hannu Lankinen own four apartments in an apartment building in Pyynikki, Tampere, three of which they rent to Forenom. Now the couple will explain why they chose to rent the apartments to Forenom. How does it work in practice and what benefits have they gained?

The house from which the Lankinen couple rents apartments to Forenom is a valuable and historic building near the center of Tampere in Puutarhakatu street. The current residential house was built in 2014, in the place of the old Pyynikki swimming hall hut (Pyynikin uimahallin maja). At that time, in addition to other value homes, more than 50 Forenom Premium level Serviced Apartments were built in the house.

Puutarhakatu Forenom asunto

As soon as the renovation was completed, the Lankinen couple bought two studios and two 2-room apartments in the house, one of which soon became a home of their own, as they were impressed with the apartment and the location. They have both worked as property managers in the past and Hannu now has a position in the housing company’s board. Housing investment has been familiar to the couple for many years and for these apartments, they considered renting them to Forenom the most reasonable alternative:

“We thought from the beginning that we would rent the apartments to Forenom. As an investment, we found it profitable as they promised a 5 percent return on the apartments, which we considered high and especially good at these times,” Irene says.

Irene Lankinen Forenom apartment rent
Irene Lankinen trusts Forenom’s easy and productive tenancy.

The Lankinen couple also owns and rents apartments elsewhere, but with these Puutarhakatu apartments they thought of trying the Forenom way. The ease of renting and the good, steady flow of income are praised by the Lankinen couple in particular:

“We don’t need to be looking for and choosing tenants nor going to home inspections because Forenom does everything for us. After all, there are always some downsides to renting but in this way we will only enjoy the benefits of renting; that is, the monthly reward paid by Forenom,” Irene says.

The couple says that they have been happy with Forenom’s cooperation and encourage others, too, to give their investment apartments to Forenom for rent.

“I would recommend Forenom to other homeowners. Forenom pays a competitive rent that always comes reliably and regularly,” Irene praises.

“This is such an easy way of renting – you don’t have to do anything yourself,” Hannu adds.

Did this spark your interest? If you own an apartment you would like to give Forenom for rent, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are constantly looking for new homes around the Nordic countries, to find the perfect accommodation solution for our customers. Read more about our rental service here and leave us your contact details!