We offer temporary housing for mobile workforces in Nordic growth centers

What is Forenom’s purpose?

What is Forenom’s purpose?

Businesses constantly strive for improved flexibility and cost-effectiveness in everything they do. Projects and employees are becoming increasingly mobile, increasing the need for flexible housing solutions.

Sometimes overseas assignments are lengthy. For instance, six months is a long time to spend in a hotel, and leasing and furnishing a rental apartment for the same period is cumbersome, slow and far from environmentally friendly or cost-effective. As a solution to this problem, Forenom offers move-in ready and home-like accommodation solutions for employees who are temporarily posted to a different town or city.

When moving due to a project, contract or job, it makes sense to arrange temporary housing in a furnished, home-like apartment that can be booked for the company’s employee for exactly as long as the project lasts. When compared to a hotel stay, housing employees in furnished apartments both saves on costs and offers a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

Why choose Forenom’s services?

  1. You will have a single point of contact for all corporate housing needs in the Nordic region.
  2. We offer housing for all quality standards and price ranges. You can choose from among over 7,000 accommodation options.
  3. Our selection of apartments varies depending on the needs of our customers and we can offer a solution within 48 hours even if no existing capacity is available in the desired location.
  4. We offer the most competitive prices for long-term stays. The longer the stay, the lower the per night rate of accommodation.
  5. Our apartments are ready to meet all your daily living needs, including tableware, cooking utensils, and linen.
  6. We also offer personalized additional services, such as parking for company cars and essentials for any accompanying children.
  7. Our trained personnel are always ready to provide support and assistance. Our customer service is available 24/7.
  8. We follow the principles of social responsibility and sustainable development.

Do you need temporary housing for mobile workforce?