What is Forenom? 5 claims – true or false?

Let’s update your knowledge of Forenom once and for all.

Let’s describe a situation where our customers have once been in: Your employees need accommodation urgently in another town, for example, for a longer work project. You ask Google for ideas, for example, “accommodation Tampere”, “temporary accommodation for workers in Oslo”, “furnished apartments Helsinki” or “flexible accommodation for companies” and find Forenom among the search results. You have never even heard of Forenom or, maybe you have heard of it, but your knowledge about the company is scarce.

No need to worry! For this exact situation, we put together the five most common false beliefs that we encounter. Let’s update your knowledge of Forenom once and for all!

True of false?

1. Forenom offers accommodation only in Finland – FALSE!

Fact: We are the leading provider of serviced apartments in the Nordic countries. Our selection includes over 7,000 serviced apartments, aparthotels and hostel rooms all over the Nordic countries. We also have offices in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Therefore, Forenom offers accommodation both domestically and abroad. 

2. Forenom offers nothing but apartments – FALSE!

Fact: Our business got started with furnished apartments and they are still our most popular product. However, we also offer apartment hotels and hostels. All our apartments and rooms are always furnished, and you can choose to purchase additional services.

Our accommodation options:

  • Serviced apartments – more space and your own peace
    Fully furnished apartments are our homeliest option and, therefore, especially suitable for long-term stays. A cozy alternative for a business trip, during plumbing renovations or for a larger family during a vacation.
  • Aparthotels – the convenience of a hotel combined with the comforts of a home
    Hotel-like effortlessness in a central location or within good transport connections. Rooms include a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. You do not need to reserve time for check-in or check-out, as the key code makes it easy to come and go according to your schedule.
  • Hostels – affordable accommodation for a tight budget
    In our hostels, you will stay in a private room or share it with your colleagues. The hostels have shared lounges and kitchens and plenty of parking space outside. All rooms have a small fridge, a coffee maker, a kettle and a set of dishes. The hostel and rooms can be entered with a convenient key code.

3. Forenom only rents long-term apartments – FALSE!

Fact: With us, you can stay flexibly for the exact time you need to, whether it’s a day or a year. Having flexible accommodation contracts that consider customer needs is commonplace for us. Instead of having to rent an apartment with a 12-month contract and paying fines for breach of contract if you need to get rid of it sooner, Forenom lets you choose accommodation for just as long or short of a time period as you need.

4. The best choice for a business traveler is always a hotel – FALSE!

Fact: If you have ever been on the road for a longer project, you know how quickly you get hit by “hotel death”. When you come home from work, you are greeted by the same generic and cramped hotel room. Every evening, you must go out to have dinner in the city, and it’s almost impossible to maintain your dining or free-time routines on the trip. In the morning, you wander downstairs to eat at the hotel breakfast buffet, which offers pretty much the same kind of food, regardless of location. This does not sound like an ideal solution.

This is why we know how much employees who travel a lot appreciate our home-like accommodation solutions. In them, you can live as you do at home, store and cook meals in your own kitchen, do your laundry, relax in the living room and truly recharge your batteries for the next working day. This gives more energy even for the actual work.

5. Forenom’s apartments are not suitable for demanding tastes – FALSE!

Fact: The accommodation needs of both guests and companies are always unique. For this reason, our selection includes apartments of different standards that meet individual accommodation needs. Each apartment, aparthotel and hostel has its own service-level rating which you can see in the online store: budget, smart or premium. The levels differ with respect to the condition of the accommodation and the services included in the price. Common to all levels of service is that bedlinen and towels are always included in the price, and a variety of services can be chosen to complement the accommodation experience as needed.

Forenom’s service levels:

  • Premium
    Premium level combines the comfort of a home with a high-quality hotel experience. The rooms and apartments are new and designed individually while considering even the smallest details. The fully equipped kitchens are modern and functional.
  • Smart
    Smart level provides convenient and practical living in well-equipped and homey locations. These apartments and rooms are in good condition and thoughtfully decorated.
  • Budget
    Budget apartments and rooms are designed for people who appreciate a good price-quality ratio and simple accommodation. Locations are in basic shape and decorated modestly.

Now you are ready to answer with facts when you hear a false claim about Forenom. And the next time you need accommodation, we suggest going directly to Forenom’s web store for solutions!

If you are still wondering about something, please feel free to contact our customer service or, if you would like to discuss your accommodation needs, leave us your contact information using the form below and we will contact you!