Forenom as a neighbor – What’s it like living next door to Forenom?

Forenom neighbor tells it how it is! What is it like living in the same apartment building with Forenom?

Irene and Hannu Lankinen live in an apartment building in Pyynikki, Tampere, where they originally moved in 2014 to get away from pipe repair works done in their home. After a few months of staying in their temporary home, Irene suggested they forgot about their old home and permanently moved to this new two-room apartment. That’s when the couple got to know Forenom, who had apartments in the same building. 

Forenom as neighbor in a valued building

Irene and Hannu’s home is located near the Tampere city center in a historical building on Puutarhakatu: An old, locally well-known accommodation building, Pyynikin uimahallin maja, was demolished in 2014 and this new apartment building was built in the same spot. Along with other suites, over 50 Forenom Premium apartments emerged in the building. Forenom accommodates private residents as well as corporate customers in the building, and for instance the out-of-town players of the Tappara ice hockey team.

”We’ve really enjoyed ourselves here. Everything is near, within walking distance, but the neighborhood is still peaceful. We often visit the public swimming pool and gym next door and eat in the downstairs restaurant. I also go see the theater and ballet, which are also close by”, Irene explains.

The Lankinen couple are former property managers and Hannu currently sits in the Puutarhakatu housing cooperative’s board. In addition to their own home, they own also three other apartments in the building, which they have leased out to Forenom. So they know everything there is to know about the housing cooperative and the building, and they’re actively in touch with both Forenom and the building’s property manager.

”Co-living with Forenom has been very smooth. The neighbors haven’t had any problems with Forenom”, says Irene.  

Forenom helps with any problems without delay

Irene says Forenom takes the neighbors very well into consideration. For instance the quiet-time policy has been communicated to the residents and according to Irene it is mainly obeyed by all. Of course, as in all apartment buildings, some noises are heard also here sometimes: While Irene’s daughter was temporarily staying in the building, she heard some partying noises coming from the Forenom apartment above hers one night. She immediately called Forenom’s customer service and straight away a Forenom employee came over to check out the situation.

The daughter praised Forenom for being there in case any kinds of disturbances occurred. Afterall, this is a service no ordinary buildings can provide, but the residents are normally on their own with these kinds of issues. Having Forenom as a neighbor means service for also the other residents in the building.  Except for this one incidence their daughter encountered, Irene swears there are no disturbances coming from the Forenom apartments, even though their next-door neighbor is Forenom.

”Sure I was a little skeptical before moving in about whether it would bother us that the residents in Forenom’s apartments would change often. But it hasn’t bothered us one bit! We hardly see any difference compared to an ordinary apartment building,” Irene ensures.

We at Forenom know that sometimes neighbors are worried about disturbances beforehand when Forenom moves into the building. Irene reassures the doubters and claims that the building is like any other apartment building – if not even more comfortable and safer.

”I think this is safer than ordinary apartment buildings and Forenom’s residents are no trouble at all. I only notice Forenom’s presence in the building when I sometimes encounter a foreigner in the elevator. Unlike us locals, they always greet everyone in such a friendly way and do a bit of small talk. And I like that – it gives me the chance to practice my English!” Irene says.

Easy co-living among neighbors

Communication with Forenom has also gone smoothly according to Irene. They hardly ever have to get in touch with Forenom with issues. In fact, they mostly contact Forenom only when their daughter comes to visit from Sweden and needs accommodation – where else than at Forenom!

Finally, what kind of advice would Irene give to those who are about to get Forenom as their neighbor?

”Stay positive about it! There’s no need to worry about for instance what kind of people will come and go or anything negative like that. At least all the people that we’ve met here, are nice people.”

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