Guided by our customer’s needs

Our experts share everyday examples of how we make sure to keep our customers at the center of our service.

Our company’s growth is based on our desire to meet our customers’ needs in all types of employee accommodation and find suitable housing for our customers, no matter the location. We carefully listen to our customers’ and offer services that are ideal for each unique situation.

Our housing portfolio is responsive to our customers’ needs and we can flexibly increase our capacity depending on the requirements of each business and project. With the increase in customer demand and subsequent expansion to new locations, Forenom has grown to become the leading corporate housing provider in the Nordic region. Today, we offer more than 7,800 accommodation options in the Nordic countries.

We want to evolve alongside our customers as a pioneer in the field in the Nordics. Although Forenom is a large company, each locality operates with local understanding and a keen eye for the specific features of our customers’ lines of business.

In this blog, our experts share everyday examples of how we make sure to keep our customers at the center of our service development and production.

“Our aim is to provide accommodation where customers can keep their daily routines intact and sleep soundly. Home means different things to each of us, and it is essential that we understand the needs of different customer groups. We collect customer feedback from each stay and use the information to regularly update our service concept. We encourage our employees to stay in our accommodations, as this allows them to better understand the customer’s experience and help ensure a pleasant and smooth stay for our customers.”

Jenni Määttä, Quality Director at Forenom

Different businesses, different housing

Just as companies come in various sizes and lines of business, our service portfolio is equally diverse — from individual apartments to affordable hostels, with or without services.

Forenom Serviced Apartments, Aparthotels, and Hostels are located all over the country in a number of cities and neighborhoods. Available options range from studios to apartments with one, two or more bedrooms, all fully furnished. Forenom Hostels, in turn, offer accommodation with shared facilities. We also offer additional services that make it easier for customers to settle in and enjoy their stay, such as cleaning and linen supply and parking.

“When an accommodation is booked, we always try to thoroughly ask for information related to the customer’s wishes for the accommodation. This allows us to ensure that the accommodation solution we offer is best suited for each customer. We evaluate the customer’s wishes, including apartment location and size, furnishings, budget and any special requests they may have, such as a sauna, parking and so on.”

Roosa Keskitalo, Sales Representative at Forenom

It is also essential that our employees are satisfied and find enjoyment in their work.

”In customer service, employees do not always have to act according to convention or a set of rules, and in special situations, our employees can make independent and bold decisions. The goal of customer service is a happy customer. Today, customers increasingly value fast service, and our employees are responsible for providing this in every interaction with customers at all hours of the day.”

Raija Vahrusheva, Customer Service Director at Forenom

Striving for the most competitive prices, including locally

Because our housing capacity is flexible, we are able to ensure our customers have access to low rates. The price of accommodation depends on the location and selected service level, and is also affected by the length of stay. The longer you stay, the less you pay.

We also listen to customers when planning the interior decoration and furnishings for our accommodations.

“We see that every purchase made for our locations is ultimately paid for by the end customer. For this reason alone, we have a great responsibility to find cost-effective and high-quality solutions to ensure the best customer experience at a reasonable price. The quality and functionality of the selected products is also highlighted whenever we want to make a home for someone in an unfamiliar location. Will there be enough cupboard space for clothes? Does the shower drain properly, is there a socket next to the bed for a phone charger?”

Valtteri Hartikainen, Head of Procurement at Forenom

We minimize the customer time used to handle accommodation

Because our customers want to focus on their core business, we are constantly improving our efficiency in order to minimize the time our customers spend managing their accommodation.

To ensure the fastest possible service, Forenom offers the best digital purchasing experience on the market for its corporate customers. As well as the online store, Forenom has developed new digital tools for managing, purchasing and reporting corporate accommodation. Our customers value the Extranet service designed for corporate customers. The service allows you to view all past and future bookings in real time, shown in the correct Nordic currency, naturally. The Extranet enables you to process and make payments and update your company information or users directly, online.

‘’Thanks to the active relationship-building efforts of our sales and customer service teams, we are able to understand the needs of our customers as they relate to our service overall and, more specifically, as they relate to our digital services. We know, for example, that our customers value flexibility, as plans can change in an instant. Therefore, we want to build our digital services to be as easy to use and to be as flexible as possible. To help in this effort, we also make sure that our technical team routinely receives customer feedback as directly as possible, and of course we use data and analysis to guide our development actions as well.”

Michael Huotari, Head of Web Sales at Forenom

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