Done with hotels?

Nowadays, people want to live like a local when travelling and would rather stay in an apartment than a hotel room

This article has been originally published in the N by Norwegian in-flight magazine in September, 2018.

Traditional hotels have their place, but if you’re looking for comfort and home-like living combined with the benefits of tailored services, serviced apartments are the way to go.

Serviced apartments are a rapidly growing trend in the travel industry. Travellers, who have previously been confined to a small hotel room, have now recognized the advantages of serviced apartments: there is more space, convenience and privacy, all at a lower cost.

That is why we at Forenom are working at the forefront of this trend, offering home-like accommodation all around the Nordics.

“Nowadays, many people want to live like a local when travelling and to stay in an apartment. Serviced apartments offer a modern, flexible and safe alternative, which is particularly popular when travelling on business, with family or a group of friends, or for longer accommodation needs,” our CEO Johannes Kangas explains.

At Forenom, it is possible to cook meals in the fully-equipped kitchen, go for a run in your new neighborhood and then throw your sports gear in the washing machine, and finally relax in the living room watching TV for the rest of the evening, just like at home. If needed, there are also housekeeping and other services available for the apartment.

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Over 100,000 guests a year stay at Forenom in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, in a total of almost 7000 units. More than 4000 companies accommodate their employees at Forenom for business trips or overseas projects.

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There are now more than 1 million serviced apartments worldwide, and the number of units is up 23 percent in the last two years. The reason for their popularity is in the increased need for longer stay accommodation due to commercial globalization.


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