Why I Decided to Start Working Abroad

Moving abroad brings new chapters to life

Guest blog by Entrepreneur Pia-Maria Nickström, who lived at Forenom’s serviced apartment while she was between apartments after moving to Stockholm.

Hi! 👋

That’s me, sitting on the balcony of Forenom’s Serviced Apartment on Johannesgatan, Stockholm. My name is Pia-Maria, and I have recently moved from Helsinki to run my company on the other side of the Baltic Sea.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Helsinki. When my boyfriend suggested moving to Stockholm, my answer was “but everything is so comfortable in Finland!”. And that is precisely why we decided to move.

This is my third time moving abroad. (The first time was for exchange studies in South Korea, a few years later I spent a gap year in New Zealand.) Leaving my home country has pushed me out of my comfort zone every time; I’ve missed my friends, I’ve made my boss unhappy (and my parents too for that matter), and I’ve had to be “Not attending” on numerous birthday parties and brunches.

And don’t even get me started on all the bureaucracy I’ve had to go through! Finding someplace to live, figuring out how taxes work, opening bank accounts, buying insurances, the list just goes on. Even thinking about all this makes me exhausted.

So why I decided to move?

Because the only thing greater than my desire for comfort is my fear of life just passing by unnoticed. Sitting on the same couch watching the same TV series, weekend after weekend. Telling my friends about my dreams of going somewhere else without ever taking action. And then years (decades, even!) just blending into a big, gray mess of ordinary.

Moving abroad brings new chapters to life, it forces one to grow and learn new things. It creates memories, funny stories, friendships, and new hometowns. And it’s a little uncomfortable, as the best things in life tend to be.

Finding an apartment was going to be challenging

We knew that finding an apartment in Stockholm was going to be challenging, as Stockholm is notoriously known for its difficult apartment market. Thankfully, we were able to find a home after a month or so, but naturally, we needed someplace to live until then.

That’s why we have been staying in Forenom’s Serviced Apartment during September. If finding a permanent home here was tough, booking this temporary flat was a breeze – it took a minute to book online. From the crispy clean sheets to the spacious kitchen, I couldn’t have imagined a more pleasant place to start our journey here.

We start our days reading news on the balcony, have lunch in the city center (which is a stone throw away), and spend most nights on the comfy couch in the living room watching movies. This apartment has served as a home, an office, a university lecture hall, and a hangout space.

As they say, things usually work out one way or another. If it’s not an old friend or far relative accommodating you in your new hometown, perhaps it’s one of Forenom’s serviced apartments.

Blog by guest author Pia-Maria Nickström, Entrepreneur & Founder of Mimmit sijoittaa media.

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