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Try a New City

Try a new city

Do you feel like a change of scenery? Or do you dream about a whole new life in a different city? Now it’s easier than ever to try! Pack your laptop and follow your inspiration to wherever it takes you. Dip your toes in a new life, marvel and get inspired, find your place in the world. Forenom’s home-like apartments, aparthotels and rooms let you experience your new surroundings from a local’s point of view.

50 % of the participants in Forenom’s survey were interested or very interested in the possibility to work occasionally from another city or country.*

Are you interested in the opportunity to work remotely from other cities or countries from time to time?

When staying in a new city for longer than just a casual holiday, one gets to experience life from the inside, rather than as an onlooker. You’ll get to taste a new life as it is lived by the locals. You’ll open another view to your own life. Taking a step back from your everyday life can make you recognize things that you normally would miss. Intangible souvenirs like this can be worth their weight in gold.

Some of our favorite destinations


A vibrant seaside city offers lots to see, do and experience for every taste. 

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The stylish and ever so lively Swedish Capital is a cosmopolitan center where you won’t ever get bored. 

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Situated on the beautiful shores of a fjord, Oslo is at its most beautiful in the summer, but is known as a winter sports city, too. 

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Copenhagen is a lively European city where the sea is constantly present and where Central Europe is just around the corner. 

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What if after every working day you stepped out the door, put your skis on and spent the rest of the day enjoying the outdoors?

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*Forenom Client Survey 10/2021