What is an apartment hotel?

Especially those looking for longer-term accommodation should choose the homelike environment and additional space that an aparthotel offers. But what exactly is an apartment hotel, and how does it differ from a regular hotel?

The short answer: An aparthotel offers fully furnished and equipped apartments, which are suitable for both business and leisure use, regardless of the length of stay. The price of the apartments may also include familiar hotel services, such as cleaning. How, then, is an apartment hotel different from a regular hotel? The difference is significant, especially if you stay a little longer.

Hotel vs. apartment hotel – what’s the difference between them?

Booking an apartment hotel is not much different from booking a regular hotel room. However, it is a completely different way of living. On a practical level, the apartment hotel offers more space and better furnishings than a standard hotel room. For example, a separate bedroom, private kitchen or laundry facilities make a longer stay much more comfortable and homelike than in a traditional hotel room. Especially for longer stays, the price difference is also a significant advantage for an apartment hotel. 

Where a hotel is usually occupied by one relatively small room, an apartment hotel typically offers more square meters. In other words, an apartment hotel offers a more comfortable space for storing sports equipment or your own food, for example. Depending on the number of guests, you can book a spacious studio with a kitchen or an entire apartment with several bedrooms. Not all rooms have their own kitchen, but even then there is usually a shared kitchen. 

A private kitchen, a comfortable and spacious living area and bedrooms that guarantee your own peace of mind make a significant difference in terms of comfort, especially when you will be staying in temporary accommodation for a few months.

In an aparthotel, the price per night may even be halved for stays of more than a week. In addition to the cheaper daily price, savings arise from, for example, the opportunity to eat at “home” in your own kitchen. When you don’t have to go out to eat for every meal, the cost of living stays significantly lower.

The advantage of an apartment hotel over an apartment rented on the open market is its flexibility. It is easy to book an apartment in an online store, for example, and there are no notice periods or rental guarantees. 

Aparthotels for business travelers

Business travelers have traditionally used hotels to a tiring degree. Recently, however, the trend has turned to favoring more homelike forms of accommodation. Many business travelers know how quickly “hotel burnout” can strike. When you spend a lot of time away from home, the extra space, kitchen and laundry facilities offered by the aparthotel all become priceless. 

Today, the apartment hotel offers the most homelike setting and is the choice of many people who need to relocate for work. When you can live “at home” after work, everyday life feels easy and recharging before the next working day is quicker and more comfortable. 

Homelike accommodation in an aparthotel

An aparthotel is very suitable for long-term accommodation when there is the need to move away from home for a few months, for example, due to a plumbing remodel. In comfortable homelike accommodation, the family’s daily life can continue as normally as possible. Meals are easy to prepare in your own kitchen, laundry is washed in the laundry room, and the whole family can spend time together in the comfortable living areas and in their own separate bedrooms.

An apartment hotel is also a good solution for other situations where, for one reason or another, you have to stay away from home for a while, for example, when your own apartment has been sold and a new one is not yet ready, when a suitable permanent rental apartment has not yet been found, or when studies begin in a foreign place but you have yet to find a student apartment.

The apartment hotel is also suitable for holidays

In addition to long-term accommodation, the apartment hotel is also an excellent choice for holidays. For example, when a family goes on a trip, the whole group can comfortably fit in the same apartment, which is a much more comfortable option than staying in multiple rooms or staying in a single hotel room that is stuffed full of extra beds.

Private kitchens provide practical convenience for those traveling with small children, as there is no need to go to a restaurant or café for every meal. The separate bedrooms offer the opportunity to relax even after the youngest members of the family have already gone to sleep.

An apartment hotel also often becomes cheaper than a regular hotel for holiday use. When the whole family can all stay in one apartment and the price per night is cheaper the longer you stay, there will be room in the holiday budget for other fun activities. The opportunity for “do-it-yourself” meals brings additional savings to the budget.

Questions and answers about apartment hotels

How is an apartment hotel different from a regular hotel?

The aparthotel offers its own kitchen and more space and a more homelike living environment than a standard hotel. Especially for longer stays, an apartment hotel is also a much cheaper option than a hotel.


Are aparthotels meant only for business travelers?

Apartment hotels are widely used to accommodate those traveling for work, but they are also ideal for other temporary accommodation needs, such as holidays. There are usually no minimum stay requirements, so you can book an apartment hotel for a weekend, for example. 

How to book an apartment hotel?

Booking an apartment hotel is not much different from booking a regular hotel. For example, in the Forenom online store, the booking process is quite familiar: select the location, dates and number of guests to see the available options. You will receive a confirmation of your booking immediately. In addition to the service providers’ own websites, you can find apartment hotels on various other booking sites.

Forenom’s aparthotels offer:

  • Central location or good public transport 
  • Size ranges from studios to multi-bedroom apartments
  • Facilities such as gym, restaurants and shops nearby 
  • Water and electricity included
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • You can choose an apartment with a well-equipped kitchen, usually equipped with, e.g., a dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, cutlery, dishwashing liquid, kitchen towels and baking paper
  • Other daily necessities which are available are, e.g., iron and ironing board, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, toilet paper, soap and shampoo
  • Living area with TV 
  • Bed linen, sheets and towels for all guests
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Laundry room with shared washing machine
  • Final cleaning – and weekly cleaning for longer reservations – are included in the price
  • You will receive the key code for the apartment hotel via SMS and e-mail on the day of arrival at approximately 4 pm
  • Our 24-hour customer service will help you with any problems you may have. Is a chair broken? Is the air conditioning blowing too loud? Contact our customer service!

Forenom Aparthotels offer an affordable and cozy option where you can relax in peace, cook your own meals and feel at home wherever you are.

Book your own homelike Forenom Aparthotel now!