Every link in a chain is equally important

Do you know what other people in your company are doing – and do you appreciate them?

In a company, every employee is an equally important link in a chain of functions, which enables the business to work successfully. No link is less important that other.


My journey into through the company


I started my journey as an International Trainee by working in different departments in Forenom. During the first weeks of my trainee period, I got the chance to visit and work with people in different positions of the company. Working along with maintenance and cleaning, furnishing, renting and sales was a great opportunity to get to know their area of work and contribution to the company.


Working with people in different positions creates appreciation and friendship among employees. Spending a few days working in different departments is a great way to gain firsthand experience on other people’s role in the organization and to cultivate respect within the company! Besides respect and understanding, the introduction period gave me a broad and yet specified picture of the way of work in Forenom. One of our company values is support – and this was easy to see and feel in every team that I spent time with. The teams were very welcoming and with their support, it was easy to get an insight into their work. Within their work, they were very accommodating to any changes that arose during their workday. They supported and helped each other and prioritized their work during the day according to where help was urgently needed.


The most important thing I learned during my trainee period was how every employee represents a link and how these links form a chain of functions. In this chain, every link is equally important in the overall success of the company.


We are one team, one chain


In a company we are one big team – we all need one another and the strength of our team comes from supporting each other. Besides helping each other, it is important to be able to rely others and their ability and skills in their area of work. Every link in the chain has an effect on the work of other links, and if one link does their part poorly it can be felt throughout the chain. At the same time, skilled and motivated employees make the chain grow stronger.


The chain depends on all of its links. Of the numerous different positions in the company, none is insignificant or less important than other. Every person matters and is equally important to the overall functions done in a company. We need each other to succeed, as a team and as individuals in our own field of work.


Building trust by building respect


Working along with people in different positions and getting to know their work helped me understand the chain of functions in Forenom. It also helped me understand how my work effects other peoples’ work, and vice versa. Getting familiar with different functions of the company really is a great way to build mutual respect among employees. This also increases team spirit and motivation. Mutual trust and understanding is essential for a strong team – or a chain – to form, and a functioning chain is beneficial for both, the employees as individuals and the company as a whole.


Is there something you could do to make your company’s chain even stronger?