Three Things Travelling People Value the Most

Business travel comes down to three cornerstones: comfort, convenience and community.

Often when there is a need to travel for whatever the reason, be it business, leisure, or BLESIURE, where to stay is usually the first task to take care of. We want the easiest transition to that place where we can rest our heads after hours or maybe days of travel and set up our camp. We want that place to be decent. And most importantly we want it to serve the purpose of our stay.



Aparthotel Helsinki City - perfect for business travelling


When you think of accommodation, you think of where you are going to lay your head, ideally this would be on a pillow resting on a comfortable bed. We have this covered. Across the board of our ratings there are a few things that remain constant, one of them being the comfort of our beds. We value that our clients work hard and explore hard, and at the end of the day will need somewhere to recharge. So that is why we take pride and ensure a quality bed for all of our customers.


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Another constant value is CLEANLINESS, we strive to never fall short of our high standards, after all it’s hard to feel comfortable in a questionably clean place, and we don’t want that for you. That’s why our cleaning and maintenance teams work with ninja precision. If there was to be a situation where you are not pleased with our efforts then you are more than welcome to let us know via customer service or your host and we’ll be as fast as we can to get your comfortable stay back on track. We want to know your needs!




Whether you need to stay in a small town somewhere in the North where it isn’t uncommon to have more Elk as neighbors than people, or in the Capital city filled with hustle and bustle, some needs remain the same. We always let you know where the nearest services are and what we can do to get you to them.


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In the instance of food, some may like to go out to eat but for those who would rather not you can conveniently cook from the comfort of your place of stay. And if you’re in the mood to be somewhere in the middle you can always chef up a little something in the microwave. Travel information for those that may need to commute is given upon request, and of course if there’s something you have in mind for leisure you can always ask a host or contact customer service. If you feel that you would like to know more about the area for yourself most of our accommodation comes with free wifi so you are more than welcome.


Aparthotel Helsinki City




Feels just like home isn’t only a slogan, it’s truly what we want for you and all of our customers. That’s why we have community and activity spaces in our Aparthotels and Hostels. Get to know your neighbors!

Community in all aspects of our company is very important that is why we hold your hand during your stay with us. We want to be a part of your experience as much as you would like us to be! Therefore you have opportunities to contact us or give use feedback at any stage of your experience with us. We look forward to your experience with us!


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