Project accommodation

Do you have an upcoming project that will require your team to relocate? No matter your industry, your team will need accommodation. We will provide you flexible accommodation solutions throughout the Nordic region for the duration of your project. Welcome home.

Accommodation during your project

Flexible accommodation solutions for your project team

As you know, workforces are moving around the globe to serve clients more than ever before. This has led to huge growth in the need for flexible, local accommodation. Project management, especially international project management, is already tough enough. Project accommodation doesn’t have to be.

Currently, we have accommodation options throughout the Nordic region. There are, of course, locations within the Nordic region where we don’t currently offer accommodation. But we don’t give up that quickly, and you don’t need to either. In addition to our existing accommodation options, we are willing and able to add rooms and apartments in order to serve you during the length of your project, wherever your team may be headed.

Save time and money with Forenom’s project accommodation

When you choose Forenom as your accommodation partner, you save resources like time and money. We take care of your accommodation on a “keys-in-hand” basis, so you simply tell us your needs and we handle it from there. Also, because we can be flexible with our accommodation capacity, we are able to keep our costs low, and the benefits of low costs are passed on to you in the form of affordable accommodation prices.

Your accommodation options can range from individual apartments to economical hostels, or even flexible module housing for 10 to 400 employees. The price of accommodation is dependent upon the location and the requested service level, and also the length of stay, meaning you have complete control over your costs. Speaking of costs, project accommodation prices include furnishings and normal living expenses such as electricity and water, so there’s no need to worry about surprising expenses on the side. Also, the longer your project, the more affordable your accommodation will become. It’s not uncommon to have costs as low as 10 – 20 euros per employee per night. We’ll always do our best to arrange parking with accommodation, and if you’d like, we’re more than willing to deliver keys to the site of your project.

New project accommodation solutions

Forenom Module hostel - Cosy accommodation close to building site

Forenom has launched on the market a movable module hostel. The idea of module accommodation is that as it is brought as close to the site as possible and turned into a cosy, temporary alternative to the worker´s own home. The modules are furnished by interior designers and contain all the requisite conveniences, from bathrooms and kitchens to wireless internet connections and keyless code-locked doors.
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Project accommodation and Relocation services for Hanhikivi1 contractors

Forenom offers flexible, affordabe accommodation as well as specialized relocation services for employees moving to Finland during the Hanhikivi1-project in Pyhäjoki. Our extensive selection of rooms and apartments in different levels of quality and sizes enables flexibility in arranging accommodation. In addition to our existing apartment selection, we actively expand our offering based on your needs.
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Share your project accommodation needs

We would love to hear about your case, and offer our solution. Arranging accommodation for the length of your project is easy thanks to the experts in our project accommodation team. It pays to get in touch with us as early as possible, because we can make your job a whole lot easier. For example, we’ve had customers direct their sub-contractors to use our services as well, and this has made it possible for the general contractor to prepare their total accommodation budget well in advance.

Project accommodation contacts

Juho Hyry
Project Accommodation Manager - Finland
Saku Nissinen
Project Sales Manager - Sweden
Sindre Moldenhagen
Project Accommodation Manager - Norway
Oline Rasmussen
Country Manager - Denmark
Ville Kämäräinen
Director of International Business Development

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