Forenom experiences: World Championships accommodation

Comfortable stay at Forenom Aparthotel during Lahti2017 ski world championships

Niki Soukkio: ”Forenom feels more like a home rather than a hotel”

Niki Soukkio is a professional photographer. He has come to Lahti, Finland to take pictures of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2017. On his business trips he usually stays at Forenom hotels and this time was not an exception.

– I managed to get the last free room available. I travel a lot because of my profession and I stay at Forenom hotels on practically every trip, so their concept is very familiar to me, Mr. Soukkio says.


All the required info in one text message

Forenom differs from regular hotels as there are no keys or keycards. Instead, you use a code received via an SMS. Some rooms are equipped with necessities to cook your own dinners.

– I got a single room that only has a microwave oven, but the hotel is located close to the city center so it’s easy to walk to stores, restaurants and cáfes, Soukkio says.

– Making the room reservation was very easy. Afterwards you get a text message that has all the necessary info and nothing else is needed. In practice it works very well when everything you need is in that one text message, he continues.

Easy and simple concept

Mr. Soukkio has been especially pleased about the simplicity of Forenom hotels. Everything is made as easy as possible from making the reservation to check-in and check-out.

– First you get a text message that you use to get into the room. When leaving you get another that asks for feedback. The concept is fantastic and I have enjoyed my every stay with them. Forenom feels more like a home rather than a hotel, Mr. Soukkio finishes.


Anders: ”Enjoyable hotel with a fantastic location”

Anders works as a journalist for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. He has come to Lahti, Finland to cover the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2017. He is part of a 70 people crew who are staying in Forenom Aparthotel Lahti City. Best part of the hotel has been its location.

– We are living quite close to the arena so it’s nice to be able to walk to the workplace every day. Infrastructure has also been very good and I like the short distances to restaurants and shopping centers, Anders says.

– I have been in two different rooms and liked them both, though the first one was a single room which was a bit small to my taste. Luckily, I was able to move to a bigger room without trouble, he continues.

Possibility to cook your own food

Anders appreciates how easy it is to enter and leave the hotel since the doors are opened by codes rather than keys or keycards. He also says the possibility to cook food and make coffee is a nice addition compared to regular hotels.

– I haven’t been using customer service that much since we have a code that gets us in and out. It was sent via an SMS and the whole check-in procedure was very simple and easy. I also like how you can make you own coffee in the room and even cook food if you’re up for it, Anders says.

– Overall I think Forenom Aparthotel Lahti City has been really good for the purpose we chose it because the rooms are nice and it’s so close to everything, he finishes.



Rune Endalsvoll: “Great quality for a great price”

Rune Endalsvoll from Norway has come to Lahti, Finland to watch the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2017. He is travelling with a group of 80 people. They are staying in Forenom Aparthotel Lahti City and have really enjoyed the accommodations.

– World Championships have been great. The atmosphere has been good and we are very happy to be here, Rune says.

– We have really liked our stay here in Forenom Aparthotel Lahti City. It is very close to the city center and the rooms are nice. I booked the rooms for the whole group and the reservation was very easy as was the check-in since there is no need to go through reception. The key codes for the rooms were sent beforehand via text messages, he continues.


A very positive experience for the whole group

The group chose Forenom because of the good prices and the close distance to the arena. Both the Lahti area and the hotel have impressed them.

– We have had great quality for a great price. You can basically find everything you need in the hotel rooms. We can even cook our own dinners which is very nice. The absence of reception hasn’t been a problem since we have a phone number to call if problems occur and the customer service through it has been outstanding, Rune says.

– From my perspective there have been no problems and the feedback from the group has also been very positive. It has been good ten days here at Forenom, he finishes.



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