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We can tell you all we want about ourselves and our services, but for it to be real, you have to hear it from the people who use our services. Listen to what our corporate clients have to say.

Guest stories

Your job is already work enough. The last thing you need is extra stress on you or your team caused by traveling and living in a new location, whether short-term or long-term. We work hard to make relocation and accommodation easy. Check out these example cases

Case Witron

Home-like temporary accommodation ensures a gentle start for a new job

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Case Caverion

Homey feel for Caverionians

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Case Enoro / Forenom Member

With the Forenom member card you are sure to get a room, even for a longer time

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How we can serve you

For businesses

We collaborate with thousands of businesses each year and provide accommodation for tens of thousands of employees across the Nordic region. We serve businesses in industries ranging from construction to ICT. So don’t worry, we’ll be happy to help you too. Welcome home.

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Project accommodation

Do you have an upcoming project that will require your team to relocate? No matter your industry, your team will need accommodation. We will provide you flexible accommodation solutions throughout the Nordic region for the duration of your project. Welcome home.

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We offer specialized corporate mobility solutions to our partners in a diverse group of industries. When you are relocating to the Nordic region for work purposes, you can rely on our relocation consultants to help you feel right at home.

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Area Sales Manager - Espoo
Henna Tuominen
+358 50 441 6116
Area Sales Manager - Espoo
Sandra Lönnberg
+358 50 452 2126


Regional manager of Helsinki
Henri Nuutinen
+358 40 455 4762
Area Sales Manager - Helsinki
Sami Viitala
+358 40 450 9483


Regional Manager of Jyväskylä
Henri Hämäläinen
+358 50 3545 850


Regional Manager of Kuopio
Mikko Kauhanen
+358 46 923 5018


Regional Manager of Lahti
Esa Saksinen
+358 40 455 5585
Regional Coordinator - Lahti
Joni Isomäki
+358 50 381 7223


Regional Manager of Lappeenranta
Ville Vesterinen
+358 50 464 7393


Regional Manager of Oulu and Rovaniemi
Jere Pihlajaniemi
+358 50 381 9660
Project Manager - Oulu
Aarno Annola
+358 40 176 9909
Regional Coordinator - Oulu
Tani Heikkinen
+358 40 733 5170
Area Sales Manager - Rovaniemi
Juha-Pekka Leskelä
+358 40 507 8911


Regional Manager of Pori
Jari Vuorinen
+358 40 711 8433


Regional Manager of Tampere and Vaasa
Tommi Piskanen
+358 40 4508409


Regional Manager of Turku and Western Finland
Max Lindén
+358 44 090 1240
Regional Supervisor - Turku
Juha Koivula
+358 44 551 2822


Regional Manager of Vantaa
Kalle Eerola
+358 40 455 3308
Area Sales Manager - Vantaa
Joonas Uosukainen
+358 50 560 2867


Project Sales Manager - Sweden
Saku Nissinen


Regional Manager - Norway
Jenya Endresen


Country Manager - Denmark
Oline Rasmussen
(+45) 60256070