Forenom experiences: ABB

Travel manager's job made easier

Flexibility and reduced costs for travel managers


ABB, a corporation in the electrical energy and automation technology sectors, employs nearly 5 500 people in over 30 regions in Finland. In the capital region, ABB is one of the largest industrial employers. Its manufacturing centers are located in Helsinki, Vaasa and Porvoo. To meet the needs of ABB, Forenom searches for apartments that can be used for long-term stays.

“Guests who will be staying for a long period of time prefer a more homelike environment than a hotel can offer. Forenom meets our needs and accommodates our foreign and Finnish employees around Finland at a good level,” says Johanna Peitsara, ABB’s Travel Manager.

ABB’s employees travel mainly for the purposes of training or extended work periods. Accommodation timeframes vary depending on the length of a project, but the average stay usually lasts approximately 80 days. Sometimes there is more than one guest in an apartment, with the amount of guests varying from one to four. ABB’s employees live in studio, two-room and three-room apartments.

In a single year, approximately 130 guests from ABB stay in Forenom serviced apartments. Employees who come from foreign countries usually stay in the capital region and the Vaasa area. There are also guests in Turku, Tampere and Mäntsälä. It depends completely on where the project is located.

“The reservation process works well and is flexible. We have certain standards for accommodations, which Forenom fulfills. They also offer extra services. This is an excellent option for us, as we are able to reduce accommodation costs a lot in comparison to hotels. Also, over the entire period of a long-term project the ability to live in a homelike environment becomes even more important,” Peitsara continues.


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