Forenom Neighbors

We care deeply about our customers but just as much we care about You, our neighbors.

For Forenom neighbors

We respect and prioritize our neighbor’s privacy and we react 24/7 to your calls, so please let us know immediately if there is any issue regarding a Forenom Apartment. We are proud of our friendly customer service, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who are we?

We specialize in temporary accommodation solutions for businesses, but we also serve individual travelers. We want our guests to Stay Easy whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure.

Forenom manages over 7000 furnished apartments and aparthotel and hostel rooms in all major Scandinavian cities, accommodating over 200 000 travelers every year. We operate in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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What do we expect from our guests?

All Forenom customers are made aware of our terms and conditions. Here are some of our basic rules that we expect our guests to follow:

  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in all Forenom Apartments
  • All our guests are expected to comply with the quiet hours
  • All housing rules must be followed in all Forenom Apartments
  • Pets are only allowed with a special permission
  • Any illegal activity will result in termination of the contract