Forenom turned fishing cabins into homes in Smøla

Forenom Project Accommodation makes the impossible become reality. Where ever you need to go, our Project Team will find a place for you.

Project Accommodation

Work moves people around – sometimes to big cities, sometimes to the remotest islands. Often there are vacant rooms in town where you can rest for the night, but sometimes work might take you where there’s nothing. No place to book for the night, no place to make your home. That’s when the phone of Forenom’s Project Accommodation Team usually rings.
Forenom’s Project Team goes out to find apartments, negotiates with the owners, and finally services them. All this in 48 hours. This is a story about Smøla.

The island

Project Accommodation Smøla island norway

Smøla is an island in Norway, located the farthest out in the Atlantic Ocean between the cities of Kristiansund and Trondheim. The island is flat with a prairie-like landscape consisting mostly of marshes and cliffs. With 2000 inhabitants it hosts a number of active fishing communities. It is also home to the largest wind farm in Europe.

The project

project accommodation norway smola

A major maintenance of over 75 wind turbines required a labor force of 20 people to be accommodated on the island for 5 months. The only problem was that there were no vacancies, and not many inhabitable buildings among the cottages and fishing cabins.
To find accommodation from an island this remote, Sindre Moldenhagen from Forenom’s Project Accommodation Team found a solution by picking up his phone and the good old phone book, reaching out on social media, and finally stepping onto the grounds of Smøla, going from door to door and talking to property owners.

The solution

To accommodate all workers comfortably, Forenom provided fully furnished and serviced accommodation in

  • A former research center for the utilization of moss in agriculture, now owned by the local museum.
  • A mix of fishing cabines and houses.

Forenom Project Accommodation is extremely easy for customers. Tell us where you need to go and we will give you an offer in 48 hours.

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