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YIT has outsourced all project accommodation to Forenom



For an international construction company, with its personnel always on the move, it’s important to arrange comfortable accommodation for its employees, so that they can relax and rest between work days. YIT has solved this need through outsourcing all accommodation by collaborating with Forenom. The collaboration with an expert in accommodation is benefitting both project management and the employees working in these projects.


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YIT is a Finnish construction company that develops urban areas, executes large infrastructure projects, builds apartment buildings and commercial real estate. The company is the biggest of its kind in Finland and is also a prominent construction company in northern Europe.

Juhana Häkkänen, VP Procurement, is responsible for the development of YIT’s supply chains. He praises Forenom’s flexibility and ability to act quickly to changing needs. When the accommodation has been outsourced, the company has one less thing to worry about.


Juhana Häkkänen, VP, Supply Management - YIT


“Forenom has an extensive network of apartments in the right places for our business needs, and offers us the flexibility we need to to handle all our projects.”, Häkkänen states.

“Forenom allows you to concentrate on the project at hand and handles the accommodation side admirably, so the employees that you need for the project are well rested in the morning when they arrive at work.”, Häkkänen continues.


Hannu Ratamäki, VP, Ground Engineering - YIT


In the unit lead by Hannu Ratamäki, VP Ground Engineering, the work is very mobile and project lengths vary. When the work is hectic and you can be assigned to a new project location with short notice, a reliable and familiar accommodation at Forenom adds comfort and makes the employee feel more at home and safe in the new environment.


“My unit and construction as a whole is a very mobile business. We don’t need to worry when we are traveling city to city, or country to country even, how we get these apartments for our people.”, Ratamäki says.


Forenom is able to react and adapt to changing needs

The biggest collaboration between YIT and Forenom in the Swedish market is currently in Stockholm. YIT is building a large new sewer tunnel running through several areas below the inner city. There are currently more than a hundred employees involved in the project “E2 Tunnel & installations entreprenad” and many of them normally lives elsewhere. Amanda Landstedt, office manager for the project, illustrates why YIT wants to invest in comfortable accommodation for their employees.


“It can be challenging coming to a new city to work away from your family. It’s important to have a temporary home where you can relax and wind down after a long day at work. We’re pleased that we’ve found a partner that gives us the opportunity to offer this service to our employees. We feel it’s important for them to be able to feel good and safe, and that they’re given the capability to do a good job as a part of the project”, says Amanda Landstedt.


Forenom offers YIT complete solutions, both for work teams and individuals, temporarily working in other locations. YIT can employ the best suitable people for the project, regardless of where they live. Amanda Landstedt is very pleased with the collaboration and feels that Forenom is able to react and adapt to YIT’s needs and able to make things a lot easier.


“The biggest benefit is that Forenom really understands our business, and the fact that it’s not always possible to foresee arising needs. Even if we try to plan ahead, there is always the possibility that something happens and we’re in need of accommodation with short notice. Forenom always has the attitude of ‘we’ll fix it, no problem’ and that is extremely important in such a large project where everything just has to function”, says Amanda Landstedt.


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