Forenom experiences: Witron

Home-like temporary accommodation ensures a gentle start for a new job


Based in Sipoo, Witron offers its new employees who move from other parts of Finland the opportunity to use Forenom’s temporary accommodation. Cooperation with Forenom has been so smooth that Witron says no thanks to other accommodation alternatives.


Witron’s cooperation with Forenom initiated from recruitment needs

When Witron launched partnership with the logistics company Inex Partners in 2008, an associate company of the S Group, the German family business created everything in Sipoo from scratch.  Recruitment of new employees has been part of the work.

During the eight years, close to one hundred employees, part of them coming from other parts of Finland, have been recruited by Witron together with Forenom.

“Our company represents a high variety of skills. We need different kinds of employees with different backgrounds to be trained to various positions”, says Juha Ryödi, General Manager of Witron’s On Site Services in Finland.


Forenom accommodates Witron’s new employees

One of the values of a family business is looking after its employees. At Witron, they are well aware of the fact that an employee’s well-being results in good performance.

The caring begins already at the recruitment stage. When hired, a large share of the new employees have no idea whatsoever about their future residence. At this stage he or she has the opportunity to utilize temporary accommodation.

Forenom is the party that is responsible for its practical arrangements. The purpose of this kind of accommodation is to offer a soft landing to getting started with the new job and looking for one’s own residence.

“Approximately one third of the nearly one hundred employees have made use of this opportunity over the period of two and a half years. The length of the accommodation has varied. Some of the employees have stayed in Forenom’s accommodation for a couple of weeks, and some for a longer period of time. Some have first stayed in shared residences from which they have then changed into another Forenom residence before finding a permanent residence of their own.” 


The easiest move ever

Joonas Vainikainen from Kuopio graduated as a Mechanical and Industrial Engineer a couple of years ago.

“I wanted to develop in my own profession, and my home provided little opportunities.  Opportunities for being hired in Eastern Finland are quite limited.”

A good one year ago Witron was looking for new employees to the new Inex Partners logistics center.

For Vainikainen the new job was a dream come true, just the kind of job in which he could realize what he already knew well, learn new things and have the opportunity to advance in his career.

Vainikainen applied for a job at Witron even though he was a bit hesitant to leave home. Vainikainen did not know where he would end up and settle down. Before his new work began, Greater Helsinki as a whole was entirely unknown to him.

The multiphase recruitment process was long. As a result, Vainikainen was hired as a shift foreman. Vainikainen did not hesitate for a second when he learned to know that Witron offers its new employees the opportunity to temporary accommodation through Forenom. The decision to accept the job offer and leave was instantaneous. With the help of Forenom he received a two-room flat from Vantaa not far from the airport. The move was quite smooth, actually perfect. Vainikainen could not find anything negative to say about his three-week period in temporary accommodation.

“The temporary accommodation offered by Witron to those moving from afar is a major and significant benefit. I can count on the idea that those who already live in the area and are familiar with it choose me a residence from such a location which makes it easy for me to start in my new job and to start looking for a permanent residence.”

One phone call is all it takes

Ryödi finds it important that those moving to Greater Helsinki from other parts of Finland will have the opportunity to take it easy when looking for a permanent residence. Most of those who move know the area only by name. Witron wishes to give people time to feel at home.

The cooperation with Forenom has been fruitful. There is nothing to complain about.

Mia Ahlqvist, HR Coordinator who takes care of the accommodation issues in practice together with Forenom, appreciates Forenom’s genuine interest in its own customers.

“Forenom knows us. Just one phone call, and everything is arranged for you. Always.”

Most of the temporary residences needed by Witron are located in Vantaa or in central Uusimaa in Kerava or Järvenpää.


Cost-efficient accommodation

According to Ryödi, cooperation with Forenom also means other benefits on top of the effortless and home-like services.

“Accommodation is arranged in a cost-efficient way. We could reserve a temporary residence for our employees from a hotel, too, but we don’t want to do that. We find Forenom the best alternative for us.”

Witron cooperates with Forenom not only in Finland but internationally as well. Witron buys accommodation services, for example, from Norway for the duration of their training. For Witron, Forenom is easy, effortless and the most cost-efficient means to take care of their accommodation needs.


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