Forenom experiences: Purkupiha Oy

Affordable, near-site accommodation for workers



Purkupiha Oy specializes in demolitions and employs around 80 people. Most of them regularly travel to work sites all around Finland, so the company buys nearly 4000 accommodation nights a year. The workers often stay at Forenom. 


Watch the whole customer testimonial in the video below (English subtitles available)! 



At Purkupiha, it’s considered a priority that workers are given the chance to unwind after a work day and have a good night’s sleep. Maintenance Manager Ismo Sivula is responsible for making accommodation arrangements at the company and has received great feedback from the employees about Forenom’s accommodation services.

“The cooperation between Purkupiha and Forenom is based on us getting accommodation as close to the work sites as possible all around Finland”, Sivula explains.


Booking is possible day and night

“The most concrete benefit we get from the cooperation is that we don’t need to use traditional hotels. Forenom is, afterall, the more affordable option”, Sivula says.

In addition to monetary savings, the cooperation also saves time. As Forenom is able to provide serviced apartments also near the construction sites, less time is consumed in traveling to the place of work and back. On top of that, the code locks in Forenom’s apartments and rooms make arrival and departure effortless. On the other hand, Forenom’s customer service is always ready to help if there are any problems.

“We often realize we need accommodation only after the workday in the evening. That’s when it’s especially beneficial to have the Forenom online store, to book aparthotels even late in the evening”, Sivula states.


Forenom answers to the needs of project work

Purkupiha is one of Finland’s largest mass demolition companies. Due to their projects, the employees often stay in the same place for example a whole week. Forenom has provided a cost-efficient solution for Purkupiha’s needs.

“I think Forenom solves the accommodation challenges of mobile workforce very well!” Sivula summarizes.


Watch the whole customer testimonial in the video above (English subtitles available)!


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