Forenom experiences: Pet-friendly accommodation

Staying in a home-like furnished apartment with family and pet



Heli Pekkarinen, a resident of Italy, needed vacation accommodation in Finland for herself, two teenagers and a dog. She found that traditional hotels did not meet her needs and chose a furnished Forenom apartment in the heart of Helsinki instead.

Comfortable home-like accommodation

Heli was struck by the home-like atmosphere, great amenities, and Scandinavian decor of the furnished one-bedroom apartment on Lapinlahdenkatu in Helsinki. She appreciated the great kitchen facilities, in particular. The washing machine in the bathroom also came in handy, since she was able to wash her son’s clothes after his summer camp, as well as her own after a week at a holiday cottage.

“The kitchen had everything I needed – including a corkscrew, which is unfortunately not available in many vacation apartments. For me, it is something of an indicator of the standard of service! There were even sheets of pan liner, which I found thoughtful. It made me feel it really was safe to use the oven,” Heli says.

She also liked the fact that the apartment was accessed using a door code.

It was nice that we could all come and go as we pleased, with no hassle with the keys”, Heli explains.

According to Heli, the apartment location on Lapinlahdenkatu was fantastic. There was a small store at the end of the street that was open late and also sold warm Karelian pies and fresh rolls for breakfast. The Kamppi mall with its shops and restaurants was only a five-minute walk away.

Traveling with a dog

The family’s dog, Tuisku, often accompanies its owners on their travels. Heli knows that finding suitable accommodation with a pet is often something of a hassle. Besides, many hotels charge up to EUR 25–30 more for pets per night, which she finds unreasonable. In Heli’s experience, the majority of AirBnb places owned by private individuals do not allow pets, either. But at Forenom, pets are welcome, and Heli booked a furnished apartment where they could stay with their dog. The additional charge for the pet was only EUR 4 + VAT per night. (For further information about our pet-friendly accommodation options, click here!)

“I was quite relieved when I entered the Forenom apartment with a couple of teenagers and a dog. Right from the start, it looked like a place where we could all be comfortable, the dog included,” Heli says.

Heli was also glad that, instead of leaving Tuisku alone in a hotel room while she had breakfast, she could enjoy her morning coffee in the furnished apartment without worrying about how the dog was doing in a strange room.

“Tuisku seemed immediately at home in the spacious Forenom apartment, and we were even able to leave the dog there while we went for lunch,” Heli continues.

The most affordable family accommodation option

Before the vacation, Heli compared accommodation options for three adults and a dog. The furnished Forenom apartment turned out to be cheaper than the majority of AirBnb apartments of the same size. If they had stayed at a hotel, they would have needed several rooms, and the costs would have become higher.

“A furnished Forenom apartment is cheaper than a hotel room, no matter how much discount you might get. Besides, when traveling with family, I prefer staying in the same space, or at least within shouting distance!” Heli says.

“I have become a great fan of Forenom apartments, and that is most likely where we will stay when we come to Helsinki as a family the next time, too. When traveling with family, I generally prefer furnished apartments. I find them more comfortable and practical,” Heli explains.


Heli Pekkarinen writes a blog called Näkymiä vihreältä kukkulalta (“Views from a green hill”). For more details about her accommodation experiences (in Finnish), visit her blog!


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