Forenom experiences: Film Service Finland and the American film Dual

“It’s important to us that the accommodation is functional and to our liking”



Forenom helped Film Service Finland by making the accommodation arrangements for the Hollywood film Dual’s production team during filming in Tampere. The cooperation received positive feedback from both the accommodation guests as well as the project management.

Film Service Finland is the first Finnish company focusing solely on providing production services for films and TV series. With the participation of the best local film industry talent, the company provides its international clients with all the required production services from planning to postproduction. This work includes plenty of changing production plans and mobile people, but also the project finances which must be realized according to plans.


Timo Vierimaa, Producer at Film Service Finland and an entrepreneur himself, was responsible for the management and finances of the project as a line producer for Dual. He has a decade of experience in the industry, especially in international cooperation.

Dual was filmed entirely on location in Tampere and the shooting lasted six weeks. Most of the film’s crew lived in Tampere for two months, but some also longer during the pre-production phase. Forenom organized the accommodation arrangements for the film’s Finnish and international production team, including the director, cinematographer and actors, in accordance with the individual needs of the project and staff.



According to Timo Vierimaa, flexible and home-style accommodation was given priority when choosing a place to stay.

“Accommodation is often a very significant challenge for productions, and it is, of course, important to the crew how their accommodation is organized. When we are arranging long-term accommodation for our employees, a home-style setting is given preference. When the work trip lasts for months, people are more comfortable in Forenom apartments than in a conventional hotel. It is important to us that matters outside working hours are also arranged in a comfortable way for the employees, because the workdays are long,” Vierimaa says.


Although production workers in Finland are concentrated in the Helsinki metropolitan area, the productions themselves travel continuously to different parts of Finland in search of filming locations. The total number of accommodation days at Forenom during the entire Dual project was more than 2,000 days. The production employed around 100 people in Finland alone and the film’s budget was approximately EUR 4.5 million. In projects of this magnitude, cost management also takes on a significant role.

“It’s very important to us to be able to centralize our accommodation needs in one service provider, which will significantly reduce our workload. Forenom’s accommodation capacity is flexible in terms of our constant requests and it is easy to deal with a reliable contact person with whom you can communicate even in situations requiring quick decisions,” Vierimaa adds.


The production of the film in Finland has not only attracted a lot of publicity, but has also received plenty of praise from the international members of the team. Vierimaa says that cooperation with Forenom has also played a major role in the positive feedback received from the employees. Timo Vierimaa would also choose Forenom as the accommodation solution for any future projects to come, especially due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the home-like feel of the apartments.

“Forenom is an important partner for us, and the fluent accommodation arrangements were a significant part of the project. The cooperation has facilitated our work in coordinating accommodation arrangements, and the solution has also been cost-effective. Cooperation has also played an important role in the positive feedback received from our employees,” says Vierimaa.


As the first Hollywood production filmed entirely in Finland has been completed successfully, it is likely that we can expect more international film productions in Finland. A fantastic job, Film Service Finland!


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