We are called Forenom Oy starting 31.3.2020

Starting 31.3.2020, Forenom’s Finnish organization is called Forenom Oy

Starting 31.3.2020, Forenom Finland’s country organization is called Forenom Oy.

Majoituspalvelu Forenom Oy (business ID 1633241-3) has been changed to Forenom Oy on 31.3.2020. Our business ID (Finnish: Y-tunnus) and address remain the same despite this change. The address of our head quarters remains Mannerheimintie 113, 00280 Helsinki.

In addition, Kiinteistö Oy Espoon Siikajärventie 88-90, Fisso Real Estate Oy and Fisso Oy, previously part of the corporation Forenom Group Oy, have merged into Forenom Oy on 31.3.2020.

We only accept electronic invoices 

Starting 1.4.2020, we no longer accept paper invoices, but instead accept invoices only electronically. If you do not have the possibility to send electronic invoices, you can save the invoice using Pagero’s portal.

Please note that when using Pagero’s portal, the purchaser’s area or function must be visible on the purchase invoice in addition to the information demanded by law.

If you have Forenom’s e-invoicing in use, you do not need to make any changes.