6 reasons why Finland is a work wonderland for expats

Here’s why you as an expat will love it here and how Forenom accommodation helps you settle in quickly!

Ever thought of working in a different country? Finland could be the nation for you. Due to falling birth rates, the country is on the lookout for 35,000 skilled international workers to call it home by 2023. But what can this small Nordic nation offer talented professionals? Read on to find out why Finland is such a work wonderland  for expats.  

1. Finland is the happiest country on the planet 

The United Nations named Finland the happiest nation in the world for the second time in 2018. Why? Finland dominates top tiers in a range of wellbeing factors such as life expectancy, social support, and even freedom of expression.And the Finns are not keeping the secret to happiness to themselves. Non-Finns living in Finland are happier than the average person too. In fact, the satisfaction levels of expats in Finland were almost identical to that of the famously happy native Finns. 

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2. There’s no language barrier 

Beautiful yet complex, Finnish is famous for being a difficult language to master. Thankfully, Finns are among the world’s best non-native English speakers, ranking 7th in the world according to the English Proficiency Index. What’s more, they enjoy testing their linguistic talent. So get ready to have some interesting conversations with new friends. 

Happily, Finns master the English language at an early age and regularly  use it in the workplace. Thanks to the growth of international business, some areas even recognize English as an official language. 

3. The nation has 100% mobile coverage 

Finland is the mobile data capital of the world. Here, chatting with friends and colleagues is a breeze. Thanks to unlimited data plans and excellent infrastructure, you can have mobile meetings everywhere from the Lapland mountains to the Helsinki metro, and anywhere in between. You won’t have to worry about the expense either. Unlimited data plans are the norm in Finland, and high-speed internet is accessible to everyone. 

4. Finland leads the world in education 

Finland’s education system is hailed as one of the  best in the world. And 72% of expats with children agree. Here, school is all about developing a love of learning and playing in nature.  

But adults can learn a lot in Finland too. Finnish nationals and those from many other countries enjoy free university education. On top of that, the state funds an array of lifelong learning and training programs.  

5. Finns give expats a warm welcome

Finland has become a multicultural society in recent years. As of 2018, over 402,000 international people settled here, and now make up 7.3 % of the overall population.

According to the Legatum Prosperity Index, Finland is among the most tolerant countries in the world. Citizens are free to express themselves, practice their religion, and choose a spouse in peace. They also enjoy the best freedom of speech on the planet. All these factors combined make Finland a very warm country to make a home. 

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6. Finding a place to stay in Finland is easy

Thanks to  Forenom, it’s easy to make the move. With fully furnished and serviced apartments in almost every major Nordic city, we give 200,000 travellers a home away from home every year. Catering for a range of customers and businesses, we offer various apartment levels and also Aparthotels and Hostels, depending on your needs. Finding accommodation with us is easy. Book your stay here, or contact our team for more information.

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With so many possibilities to explore, Finland is the perfect place to build a career and enjoy a brand new way of life. And with the wide selection of affordable accommodation available, settling in Finland is easier than you think. So, what are you waiting for? Why not start job hunting today! 

6 reasons why Finland is a work wonderland for expats Forenom Very Finnish Problems


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