#StaySafe at Forenom

Our actions to keep our guests and our team safe

We are here to help you #StayEasy during this uneasy time

We always maintain a high standard of cleanliness in all of our apartments and rooms, but we are now taking extra measures in our hygiene protocols. Our staff have been trained to adhere to health authorities’ guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being when staying with us. Here you can find our over 40 ways to ensure the safety of our guests, our team and our partners.

The concrete actions we take every day:

General guidelines

  • Follow strict hygiene and safety guidelines and regularly assess the impact on our operations
  • Employees receive hygiene and safety training
  • Quality control assesments are regularly carried out together with our partners
  • Compliance with hygiene regulations is ensured together with health authorities
  • Strongly encourage remote working
  • Stay-home policy in place if any symptoms are shown
  • Immediate contact with health care providers if any team members shows persistent or increasingly severe symptoms
  • Minimize face-to-face contact and keep teams small to abide by social distancing
  • Handshakes are avoided
  • Regular reminders to our guests about the importance of hand hygiene
  • Hygiene products are readily available in our workspaces
  • Use protective gloves whenever necessary
  • Follow official and Forenom guidelines in the use of face masks

Easy and safe payment

  • Online payments mean no face-to-face contact for payment transactions
  • You always have access to our contact-free accommodation service via our 24/7 web shop and customer service

Contact-free check-in

  • Our key codes give you contact-free entry to our Aparthotels, Hostels and select Serviced Apartments
  • Check-in to our Apartments is contact-free since we deliver physical keys via automated key boxes
  • Hand disfectant is available for guests in the lobby of our Aparthotels and Hostels


  • Guests are reminded of the importance of hand washing, personal hygiene and social distancing in common areas
  • We remind our guest about hand hygiene and safety distances
  • We always wash and disinfect our hands before cleaning and we use protective gloves
  • We ensure that cleaners are using sufficient and proper cleaning equipment and disinfecting chemicals
  • When cleaning our properties, extra attention is paid to high-contact surfaces
  • Trash bins are emptied at the latest when they are 3/4 full
  • Disposable cleaning towels are used for cleaning or the cleaning towels are washed at 90'C
  • Cleaning towels are rotated so that the surfaces are always wiped clean
  • Weak alkaline chemicals are used for cleaning
  • If necessary, the premises are cleaned with disinfectants
  • We strictly follow dosing instructions in the use of disinfectants so that we do not make the microbes resistant
  • All cleaners and maintenance staff wear clean, personal work uniforms
  • Washing of work clothes is performed daily and as needed

Safe and easy stay

  • The breakfasts we provide are packed in individual packages
  • If any premises are suspected of being infected, we follow take special precautions when cleaning
  • Towel rolls are used in shared restrooms, which reduces environmental impact
  • All of our accommodation options have coffee makers, so you can make your own coffee in your own home away from home
  • Most of our accommodation options have kitchens, so you can prepare your own meals in the privacy and comfort of your own place
  • On-site washing machines give you the ability to constantly stay fresh and clean

Quick and safe check-out

  • Contact-free check-out means you can simply depart without face-to-face contact

Fire safety

  • Regular fire safety checks are conducted with our official partner
  • Any on-site loading docks are kept clean
  • Premises used by residents are cleaned often

Greetings from our CEO #StaySafe

“We of course hope the situation around the globe returns to normal as soon as possible but before it does, we must all take action and prepare accordingly. We at Forenom believe it is our responsibility as the Nordic leader in the Serviced Apartments industry to maintain a high level of service while protecting our guests and employees. Now and in the future, we welcome you and your travelling colleagues to stay easy at Forenom.” – Forenom CEO, Johannes Kangas