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The crew of the movie Fingerpori stayed in Forenom's Serviced Apartments



The leading production company in Finland, Solar Films, shot their up-coming movie Fingerpori in Turku. As the production took place outside the capital region, the whole crew needed to be accommodated out of town for several weeks. They decided to stay at Forenom in our Serviced Apartments in Turku Kakolanmäki. The line producer of the film and the company CEO were happy about our easy and cost effective accommodation solution and say that the crew loved their stay in the home-like apartments


Watch the video of Fingerpori’s accommodation story below!



A film production usually lasts for several weeks in a row, on average six weeks, and sometimes the whole production takes place out of town. That means the whole crew has to temporarily relocate to another city. That’s when work-life balance and employee well-being become ever more important, so that the production team and the actors are able to perform well at the job. The basics, such as accommodation, must be arranged well.

“Well-being at work is highly influenced by accommodation. In long-term projects, we want everyone to have their own apartment, a door that they can close to get some peace and quiet,” says the line producer of the Fingerpori movie, Hanna Virolainen.

The cooperation between Forenom and Solar Films has been smooth, and will continue in future film productions where accommodating crew members outside the capital region is needed.

“We have one partner to organize all accommodations with, which makes things easier. The ball is in Forenom’s court. We don’t have to bother with anything ourselves,” says Solar Films CEO and Executive producer, Jukka Helle.



From a line producer’s perspective, her job is made a lot easier and faster by the fact that they have a service provider in place, who she can directly contact to discuss their accommodation needs.

“It helps me already in budgeting as I know in advance how much to budget for accommodation. I don’t have to start from scratch, to scout for accommodation, service providers and offers. And when we’re filming outside the capital area, my workload is already much bigger,” Virolainen adds.



“I would absolutely recommend Forenom to all companies. To companies that use gig workers or need to arrange temporary housing. With Forenom, it’s all easy to organize, apartments are high-quality, locations are excellent, you’ll surely find the right kind of home for your needs and in the right price range!”


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