Forenom experiences: Jokerit

Forenom is a valuable partner for the Jokerit ice hockey team


Many players of the ice hockey team Jokerit stay in Forenom’s serviced apartments in Helsinki during their season, which runs from July till April. Jokerit say that Forenom has become a valuable key partner for them during these five seasons in the KHL league. 

Watch below the Finnish video interview of Jokerit GM Jari Kurri, and CEO Jukka Kohonen, as they explain what the cooperation with Forenom has been like!



Jokerit say that the cooperation with Forenom has been extremely smooth and the players have given plenty of praise of their accommodation. A player who arrives from outside of Finland to play for the season gets to go to their fully-furnished apartment straight from the airport and can immediately start living their normal daily life. For the players moving back to Helsinki season after season, it’s like coming home – to your second home.


“Sometimes players arrive on short notice and Forenom has always been able to react just as quickly and provide accommodation for them. The apartments are high-quality and have made it easy for the players to adjust to life here”, says Jokerit General Manager Jari Kurri.

The leading principle in the Jokerit organization is that the players are given the best possible conditions in which to do their job, so that they can focus on playing hockey. Everything in and outside of the sports hall is organized in a way that helps get the best possible efforts out of the players both in practices and in the games. Forenom is an essential part of this big picture.


“Accommodation is one of the first basic preconditions when a player arrives in a new city. The players are able to go directly to their furnished apartment, so we don’t lose any precious days in settling them in. This arrangement is something that the players always thank us for”, says Jokerit CEO Jukka Kohonen.

For the players, there’s also the important social side that Forenom is able to provide. The apartments that Jokerit uses are mostly located in the center of Helsinki. This allows the players to arrange lunch or dinner get-togethers and get to know each other. This further improves team spirit and makes it easier for new players to adjust to the group.


Watch the full interview in Finnish in the video above!


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