Forenom experiences: Enoro

With the Forenom Member card you are sure to get a room, even for a longer time

Employees of the software company Enoro frequently enjoy staying at the Forenom Aparthotel in Leppävaara. With the Forenom Member service (formerly Kausari), prices are kept affordable even with a long term stay.

Enoro is a solutions provider in the energy sector with offices in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland in addition to their site in Finland. The international organization’s many staff and collaboration partners often need accommodation upon arrival to the offices in Espoo.

– “Many of them stay for several weeks or months depending on the project”, says Enoro’s Pirkko Paldanius, assistant to the management and accommodations responsible.

According to Paldanius, Espoo’s corporate site sees 5 to 10 people needing lodgings on 2 to 4 days per week.


A frequent traveler saves money with Kausari

Enoro moved their offices to Leppävaara in Espoo in August 2016, and Paldanius began to search for suitable accommodation nearby. She initially requested a quote from the hotel next door, but it quickly turned out that a longer stay would have meant a very much larger bill.

Forenom’s Kausari service was ultimately selected as the best choice for Enoro.

– “We buy accommodation in batches of 25 nights, which results in cost savings for us. Just a phone call to Forenom saying we’ll book a room, and we’re good to go”, says Paldanius.

Using Forenom and the Kausari service makes Paldanius’s life easier.

– “I don’t need to look for rooms all over town. The Kausari service includes a guarantee that there’s always a vacancy. I just need to inform them that a room is needed, and the booking is arranged just like that.”

Paldanius reports that working together with Forenom has been effortless in every way.

– “I call or email Forenom and the room is booked. The traveler gets an email confirmation and a code that lets them check in to the hotel.
– Forenom’s customer service is fantastic, it’s super”, Paldanius smiles.


A comfortable stay in a new hotel

Enoro’s staff stay at the Forenom Aparthotel in Leppävaara on their visits to the company offices, which is situated just a short walk away. Paldanius says that guests have enjoyed staying at the apartment hotel.

– “The hotel has received great feedback. It’s relatively new, the facilities are clean and tidy and the place is very tranquil. For visitors traveling from elsewhere in Finland, parking has never been an issue. The guests have enjoyed their time there”, Paldanius says.


Forenom meets the needs of today

Paldanius says she’s been so satisfied with Forenom’s services and operations that she has gone on to recommend them to others. She thinks Forenom’s accommodation service is a wonderful solution to the modern business traveler’s needs.

– “People travel a lot for work, and sometimes have to live in a different city for weeks or months at a time. Forenom’s concept is perfectly suited to just this purpose”, says Paldanius.

Kausari has rebranded to the Forenom Member card!

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