Forenom targeting 1000 apartments for the Friday Flats platform in Central Finland

1000 apartments for Friday Flats

Construction of the Äänekoski Bioproduct mill will have a huge impact on the accommodation industry in Central Finland. The most active phase of the project is just about to begin. By the end of 2016, there are expected to be 2500 people working on the construction site. Arranging accommodation is a major challenge in this enormous project.

”We’re currently forming significant accommodation contracts with, for example, installation contractors”, says Ville Kämäräinen, who leads Forenom’s Project Sales. Accommodation, meaning apartments and real estate, are in high demand as every employee needs a roof over their head.

Now it’s easier than ever to rent out your apartment through Forenom’s recently launched online rental service called Friday Flats. ”Many Finns have already gained experience using Airbnb on their free time. The idea is similar, except we’re targeting corporate customers. By listing your apartment or a vacation rental in the Friday Flats marketplace, you are able to reach a large number of users. In addition, because of Forenom’s corporate client base, you have a chance of turning short-term stays into long-term tenants and thus generate more profit”, explains Veli-Pekka Pulkkinen, Project Manager at Forenom.

Anyone can list a suitable apartment or real estate location on the Friday Flats platform. Henri Hämäläinen, Forenom’s Jyväskylä Area Manager, believes that the marketplace is key in finding proper accommodation: ”At the moment we’re looking for accommodation especially in Central Finland for our project customers. Forenom is targeting approximately a thousand new apartments in the Äänekoski Area, which is estimated to have a total of 30 000 apartments and holiday apartments.”

In addition to Metsä Group’s Bioproduct mill there are several other major investments underway in Finland at the moment. These require a variety of accommodation solutions. ”Äänekoski is our main focus at the moment, but our goal is to reach a leading position as an accommodation provider in other projects as well”, concludes Johannes Kangas, the CEO of Forenom.

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