Clarion Hotels Sweden Former Director recruited to strengthen Forenom

Mats-Erik Lidström takes the step to manage Forenom’s business in Sweden.

Nordic regions’ leading corporate housing provider Forenom invests heavily in Sweden and continues recruiting Sweden’s top hotel potential. Recruitment of significant hotel expertise will support Forenom’s strategy to expand to be Northern Europe’s strongest corporate housing provider by 2020.

Now, Forenom reports that the former Director of Operations, Clarion Hotels Sweden Mats-Erik Lidström takes the step to manage Forenom’s business in Sweden. Lidström has an impressive track record in the service and hospitality industry from New York and throughout Scandinavia. Forenom believes that Lidström will add significant advantage for Forenom business due to his previous experience developing and managing restaurant concepts and hotel portfolios.

Lidström sees this new step as an inspiring possibility to make a change in the accommodation industry and feels highly motivated to respond to growing demand for serviced apartments.

”My purpose is to support Forenom’s business in Sweden to a completely new level. I am excited to be part of the story that is famous for standing out from traditional hotels and challenging accommodation markets for the customer’s benefit’’, says Lidström.

Jussi Saarinen, Director of International Operations at Forenom, is extremely glad to announce that Lidström will join Forenom as a Country Manager of Forenom Sweden starting from August 2017.

”We will double our accommodation offering in Sweden and open a completely new, next generation Aparthotel chain star in 2017. We were in need for a strong leader in Sweden and we are proud to say that we’ve got the best possible one now”, says Saarinen.