Forenom summer campaign offers safe accommodation for holidaymakers

Domestic summer travel supports local travel businesses

All around the Nordics people are now planning their summer vacations in the middle of the uncertainties around Covid-19. Business accommodation provider Forenom opens thousands of home-like apartments and rooms for holidaymakers in Finland, Sweden and Norway in summer 2020. We want to encourage people to travel in their home country this summer and support local travel businesses. At Forenom, you can stay without any human interaction. 

Many hotels remain closed because of the coronavirus. At the same time, all Forenom locations have been open throughout the pandemic. The reason behind this is our contact-less accommodation model, which can now be enjoyed also by holidaymakers. Our home-like accommodations are move-in ready homes and rooms and there are no receptions in the buildings. This means you can stay with us with 0 human interaction.

Safe accommodation with 0 human interaction 

“The upcoming summer is exceptional in many ways, as Covid-19 affects vacation plans. Traditional holidays will now be domestic travels, and many are worried about the safety of travelling. At Forenom, it’s possible to come and go without any human interaction. Our units are normally used by business travellers, but because of our unique contact-less accommodation model, we decided to open thousands of accommodation units for domestic vacationers this summer”, explains Forenom’s CEO Johannes Kangas.

Forenom’s locations around the Nordics can be booked directly online and no check-in or check-out is needed. Most of our accommodations are accessed with a key code you receive via SMS on the day of your arrival. In some locations, you pick up your key from a near-by key box. Our staff has been trained to strictly follow health authorities’ guidelines and we have particularly high standards of cleanliness at this time.

Forenom Aparthotel Vantaa Tikkurila
A two-bedroom room in Forenom Aparthotel Vantaa Tikkurila

Travel domestically and support your local travel businesses 

We want to encourage everyone in Finland, Sweden and Norway to support domestic travel and local businesses. With the help of our summer campaign, you will be able to travel safely, but also affordably. Our prices are normally -30 % – 50% lower than those of traditional hotels. But we will additionally decrease our prices for summer 2020, in order to make domestic travel possible for as many people as possible. The campaign rates vary by accommodation size and service level, but you can for example get a room for two persons at 50€/night. All locations are fully furnished and equipped for e.g. cooking and doing laundry.

’’Our rates don’t automatically include breakfast or other additional services. That’s why we’re able to have such affordable prices. You can cook your own food or support a local entrepreneur by ordering in. By staying in Forenom’s home-like apartments, you get the authentic local experience and can still support local businesses’’, Kangas explains.


Founded in Finland in 2000, Forenom is the leading serviced apartment provider in the Nordics. Forenom operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, managing over 7800 furnished apartments and aparthotel and hostel rooms in all major Scandinavian cities. We accommodate over 400 000 travelers every year.